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Dry Dog Food
Blue Buffalo
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Dog Food

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For my diabetic dog


My Border Collie was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 10 and was eating Hills WD, which has low fat and low protein, what her vet said was appropriate for diabetics. She was gradually declining, as one does with diabetes, experiencing hair loss, chronic urinary tract infections, and neuropathy. She lost her eyesight due to cataracts, but received lens replacement. During recovery from the surgery she refused to eat the WD, mostly because the medication she was taking made her feel ill, but she never really liked the WD to begin with. After doing some research, I decided to try a no-grain food. I was concerned because her vet really put the fear of "anything but WD" in me, but a different food was better than not eating. She loved the food (I fed her the bison recipe) and immediately began to gain her lost weight and energy. Her blood glucose level became more manageable and I was able to decrease her daily insulin by about 30%. Soon her hair began to grow back and the neuropathy decreased. She had been unable to go up or down the stairs without assistance (she had several bad falls) but soon was navigating those again. She was slow but steady and strong. One other benefit that I can attribute to the grain free diet was the complete cessation of UTIs. The WD gave her soft and copious tools, and the grain free diet eliminated both of those conditions and she no longer contaminated herself when she pooped. Incidentally, I also began feeding my other two dogs, a Border Collie and a lab mix, the same food. The lab mix was previously eating low calorie food to maintain her weight. Although the Blue Buffalo is quite high in fat and protein, she lost weight and is slim and trim in her senior years. Sadly, my diabetic girl passed away from cancer just before her 15th birthday. I am confident that the change to Blue Buffalo gave her more years, and happy ones.

Salem, OR


Great Quality Poor Taste


I bought the Blue Buffalo Wilderness because I wanted to feed my pit bulls a high protein diet and this had one of the highest ratings and best ingredients. The price of the food was comparable to other high quality foods and they offer coupons to help reduce the cost. The size of the food and smell was fine but one thing was lacking, my dogs would not touch the food. When they first tried it they would take a bite or two but leave most of the bowl to sit all day long. We found ourselves having to add things to the food including wet food just to get them to eat it. Even my lab who isn't very picky didn't want to eat it. It is a shame since the food has great ingredients but those don't do much good if they won't eat it. I was spending more money on canned food with the Blue Buffalo. I'm sure there are dogs that eat it just fine however this was not the case for me. We ended up having to buy a different food that they now love.



Great food from a great brand


I will ONLY buy Blue Buffalo dogfood from now on. My dog loves it, he even poos less and eats less while seeming to be more satisfied. Im a believer. A little on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for.

Pearl City, HI


Great value, great ingredients


My dog has been through the entire Blue Buffalo line and mostly every other high-end dog food line, but has finally landed and will be staying on Wilderness. The ingredients (nearly grain-free) are ideal, as my dog has severe skin allergies.  The extra protein helps to keep her body functioning properly. The has been a huge visible difference in her skin, coat, and overall health since starting the Wilderness formula. She enjoys the taste and consistency of the kibble, but I will warn you that the kibble size varies depending on the size of the bag you buy.  I am forced to buy the smallest bag because the kibble are about half the size of the medium (12lb) bag. This is frustrating and increases the cost significantly, but the formula is working out wonderfully and it's still more affordable than some of the other grain-free formulas I have tried.

Cleveland, OH


Best dog food


We have a dog with food allergies and this food does not affect him at all; it's great! Other other dog does not have a food allergy and loves it too, they both gobble it right up. The best part is that it's nuritious, good quality ingredients and high in protein.

Rowlett, TX


Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food excellent for my dog!


After doing extensive research on dog food, I was convinced the industry was slowly trying to kill our dogs. But, I did manage to find good brands like Blue Buffalo. I read excellent reviews on Blue Buffalo but was weary to try a new brand with my dog. His old brand was causing him digestive problems so I had to try something that would help him with that. I was put off by the price of Blue Buffalo, but figured the good ingredients were worth it.  I slowly transitioned my dog on the Blue Buffalo and was very pleased by the results. He loves the flavor and his digestive problems have disappeared. He's also getting more protein than his previous brand. I noticed his hair has gotten a nice shine to it since I've started to feed him Blue Buffalo. His energy has also gotten a nice boost too! I did notice that he picks out some of the kibble and eats it last. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not, but I'm glad that he at least eats it. Overall, its pricey but my dog seems to enjoy eating it. 

Glendale, AZ




Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog food is outstanding! I absolutely love this company and I buy their cat food as well. Their products have excellent, nutritious ingredients and they use no grains and no fillers. My animals were so much healthier after feeding this for 2 weeks. Their coats are silky and shiny and they seem like they have more energy. They keep coming back for more! I recommended this to my mom as her dog is a very picky eater. Well, her dog, chloe, just loves this! you would never know that she was a picky eater! The only problem is it is only sold at specialty pet stores, i.e. petco or petsmart, etc. and it can be kind of pricey. I will still buy it though because I am an avid animal lover and want only the best for all of my pets! I would definetely reccomend this to anyone that wants their pet to lead a happy, healthy, long life. Also, if your pet is sesitive to different foods this food is great!

Pittsburgh, PA


top notch kibble, but may make dogs gassy!!


my dog ate this kibble for a while, and yes, she loved it, but just because your pet likes the taste doesn't necessarily mean it's a good food.  more importantly, she loved it AND it has really good ingredients.  lots of protein, no grains, no by-products, no ambiguous "meat" or "animal" ingredients that could have come from virtually any dead animal imaginable, including euthanized pets.  probiotics are added as well, which is good. a few other people have noted that the food is "rich" and can upset a dog's stomach.  i also found this to be the case.  during the brief time my dog ate this food, we actually went out and bought some canine anti-gas meds for her, because she was so horribly gassy!!  at first we didn't realize that it was the food, but then i read online where other dog owners had similar experiences with Wildreness.  once we switched her to Wellness Core, another high-protien grain-free dog food, the gas problem quickly resolved.  don't get me wrong, it's still a really good food, and it seems that most people don't have the gas problem when feeding Wildreness to their dogs...but to anyone considering feeding this to their dog, you should know that it's not uncommon and not to be surprised if your dog becomes incredibly flatulent.  my advice is to switch gradually from what you're currently feeding, of course, but also start with a small bag, just in case it doesn't work out!

Baton Rouge, LA


My dogs only eat part of Blue Buffalo dry dog food & leave rest.


  I read all the reviews on Blue Buffalo wilderness dry dog food, Paid the **extremely high price** for the food at a large chain pet store(only place I could find it). Only to find my dogs (2 lhasa-Poos)will eat part of the food but absolutely refuse to eat the part that looks like rabbit poop, **little** **round black balls**. I also tried feeding it to my Rott-Lab mix and she **won't eat it** either. So I called the company, Who informed me that that part of the food is the ANTI-OXIDENT, which if they won't eat it, apparently that ingredient is not doing my dogs much good. When asked if they had a brand of their dry food without these little black balls. They promply told me NO all their brands had these. These little black balls (That I pick Up all thru my home, because I quess, they try to hide them) make up about about 4 lbs. of an 11lbs. bag, which made me pay just about double for a bag of dog food......The company's response was "SORRY, I GUESS YOU SHOULD BUY ANOTHER BRAND'!!!!!!!!WHAT????????????????? Not can we solve this problem in any why? not, can we refund a portion of your money? not can we send you a coupon for our canned food? JUST GUESS YOU SHOULD BUY A DIFFERENT BRAND??????WHATEVER.......When asked if they were going to offer a brand without the little black balls IN THE FUTURE their respnse was also A QUICK AND BLUNT "NO"!!!!   I've had the 2 Lhasa-poos on this food for about 3 weeks now (tring to use up what i paid so much for) and THEY appear to have plenty of energy, but also appear to be loosing body weight, so,  I will not be buying this brand again.......

Biloxi, MS


My dog waffles loves Blue Buffalo Wilderness dog food


My dog waffles really gobbles up Blue Buffalo's Wilderness dog food.  We had tried other lower quality brands when we first adopted Waffles and he had terrible accidents and threw up a few times.  Our neighbor recommended Blue to us and we tried it once and never looked back.  Waffles really loves Blue dry and wet foods and it makes me happy that Blue doesn't use any junky fillers in their foods. 

Philadelphia, PA


Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Dog Food

4.5 13