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Blue Buffalo
Blue Buffalo Blue Spa Select Weight Control Chicken and Brown Rice Dry Cat Food

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Transition slowly for optimal results.


If your cat is on the hefty side, this food is a great option. The serving size says only a 1/4 cup a day is necessary, but I chose to use 1/8 cup, and mixed it with regular food for the first few days. After this, I went to the 1/4 cup suggested serving, and it worked great. In addition to seeing my cat slim down, it is also made with natural ingredients, and there are no fillers or byproducts as is the case with many other food brands. Quality of Ingredients High quality ingredients. The first thing you see on the label is chicken (beef or lamb); additionally, there are no fillers like heavy wheat based products, no heavy broth or liquid, and there are no bones or other fillers. All natural and all healthy ingredients make this a great option food. Flavor Selection This is quite limited in comparison to other brands of cat foods, namely because of the fact that it is for weight loss, and only includes all natural ingredients. From what I have seen at my local pet shop it only comes in a beef, poultry, or a lamb based flavor.



Great quality pet food


I can not say enough good things about this cat food. When I first adopted my 2 cats (6 months old and 5 weeks old) from a local shelter I continued to feed them what the shelter was feeding them. It was a somewhere in the middle brand. After reading the ingredients I was on the hunt for a better quality food, and found the blue test. The first ingredient in this product is a meat or fish, and it does not contain any of the bad ingredients (soy, etc). I switched my oldest cat when she turned one since I had to buy cat food instead of kitten anyways - I still had a kitten in the house so I continued to give him the rest of the kitten food I had. Well he kept eating hers and wouldn't eat his. So off to the store I went to buy a kitten version to mix in with his. I noticed their coats were a lot shiner after switching them to this food. If I can see results on the outside I'm sure they were doing great for their insides as well. Quality of Ingredients The quality of the ingredients are great. The first ingredient is a real meat or fish and it contains no byproducts (organs, bones, the yucky stuff). Don't let the expensive price fool you. According to the feeding directions they only need 1/4 cup a day, which is less than half of what they were getting. That little amount of food made me nervous so I gave them a little extra and they got a little too chunky so I cut it back to the recommended. When you buy a high quality pet food they can eat less since the food is more nutrient packed (kind of like when we humans eat better quality food, we stay full longer). Flavor Selection From what I've seen they have the standard chicken, fish or lamb. Certain formulas don't have all of the ingredients available, or maybe they are not all carried in the stores I shop at.



My cat begs for it to be meal time


Blue Buffalo is the most amazing cat food! My indoor (occassional backyard) cat is on the weight control formula. When ever I go to the pantry he begs and begs for me to get his food bowl out and feed him. He would eat it all day everyday. The formula that Blue Buffalo came up with not only is tasty, but it helps control the indoor cat's weight and a balance of vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. There are not a lot of unhealthy fillers only meat (first ing.) and fruits, vegetables and healthy grains. If I had one complaint it would be that several months ago they changed the shape of the food. It was "Y" shaped with tiny lifesource bits (vitamin morsels) the lifesource bits are all the same tiny size. My cat had a hard time adjusting to the change and it kept falling out of his mouth! =+) The great thing about it is that is not only is lower in calories it still taste great! If I left this out for my cat all day he would devour it all. I have to put it up except for an hour in the morning and an hour on the evening.  

Savannah, GA


My cat loves Blue Buffalo Weight Control Chicken


My cat truly enjoys the Blue Buffalo Weight Control Chicken cat food.  It is made of great ingredients so I know she is getting good, quality food.  However, she has not actually lost any weight yet.  She has not gained any more either though.

Wheat Ridge, CO


Blue Buffalo Blue Spa Select Weight Control Chicken and Brown Rice Dry Cat Food

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