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Blue Buffalo
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Blue Buffalo Basics Adult Turkey & Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food

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Great for Pups with digestion issues


We had used Blue Buffalo Chicken and Rice until we acquired our last pup.. Suki. She had horrible gas and sometimes poops and upset tummy.. so we gave her cooked chicken and rice after 24 hours no food.. all good.. then merged back and same issue.. I was in a store and ran into a Blue Buffalo rep while pondering all the dog food selections.. he said even though chicken and rice is supposed to be the calm combo.. in dog food some pups get gassy and upset tummies with it in dog food.. so he recommended the basic turkey and potato.. my other pup likes anything so switching her was no issue.. and guess what.. Suki loved it and so did her tummy.. no pukes, poops or gas bombs.. great customer service too.

Seffner, Fl


A Basic Adult Dog Food But My Large Breed Beasts Love It


When I needed to add in a dry dog food to supplement my large breed dog I asked a couple of friends if they had any suggestions. One of them gave me two cups of the Blue Buffalo Basics Adult Turkey & Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food to see if my dogs would like the taste. Most of the time they aren't picky when they are hungry so I needed to add about a half cup a day to their regular food (wet and dry) to see if they could tell that there was a taste difference. When I tossed a couple pieces in the air for them to catch it they gobbled it up without dropped in and sniffing it. The true test was adding the pieces to their KONG toys to see if there was enough interest in the flavor for them to work to get it out of the toy. Since this is a "basic" food it might not be enough for active dogs; in the summer they are outside running around and playing a lot more than in the winter so they need something that's going to give them the calories that they need as well as the protein that they require to recover from running, jumping and swimming in the pool. I eventually bought a large bag of this and use it with their wet and dry food to switch up the flavor and taste from meal to meal. Because of how they have chowed down in it in the past I have bought other flavors in the Blue Buffalo Basics line for adult dogs.



Blue Buffalo Basics Adult Turkey & Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food

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