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Blue Ant
Blue Ant CMT-USEN Commute Voice Control Speakerphone Bluetooth Car Kit


BlueAnt COMMUTE Voice Activated - Speakerphone hands-free - wireless - Bluetooth

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Great for streaming audio, but not for calls


My car didn't have an AUX jack or Bluetooth so I decided to pick up the Blue Ant CMT-USEN Bluetooth Car Kit to play music off my phone. Upon first listen of music through the small speaker I was more than satisfied with the sound clarity. The highs were crisp and didn't distort when I raised the volume. The bass was more subtle and not too pronounced, but it was present. I was also extremely impressed with this device's ability to auto connect to my phone when I returned back to my car and resume playing without hitting a single button. I did use this device to make and receive calls, but it was usually hit or miss when it came to voice commands. I would deliver a command in my normal register in a completely quiet car and it would have trouble understanding. I found myself repeating my desired orders several times until it finally executed my wishes. Once I got it to work the voice quality through the speaker was superb during calls, but for the person on the receiving end I sounded distant even though I was directly in front of the mic. I would definitely recommend the Blue Ant CMT-USEN Bluetooth Car Kit for streaming audio, but not for making and receiving phone calls.

Westchester, IL


A must buy product


This Bluetooth speakerphone was purchased 2 years back and it worked well for 14 months. The sound quality of the call was good and I did not have to stress a lot or speak loudly. The design of this speakerphone is great and handy as well. The volume as well can be adjusted to improve the clarity of sound. My callers haven't ever complained about my voice being unclear over the phone and this product does not ever make me feel as if I am using a Bluetooth speakerphone. The phone commands work well and activates the handsfree mode instantly. It is much better than the headset I owned earlier as it works only with a voice command "Launch Voice Control". I connect this product with my iPhone and Siri gets unlocked with just the voice command. Whether I need to attend to voice calls, read incoming text messages or listen to music, the device does it all. The battery life is as well good and lasts normally for 2-2.5 days.



Blue Ant CMT-USEN Commute Voice Control Speakerphone Bluetooth Car Kit

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