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Blistex Lip Medex

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A Lifesaver


About a year ago, I started getting painfully chapped, cracked, peeling lips. I changed lipsticks, I tried every balm out there, and this was the best. Instantly soothing, and I noticed my lips starting to heal. It's a bit awkward getting it out of the jar (but not more than any other jar-packaged balm) and I need to reapply every hour or two, but it's TOTALLY worth it. I keep one at work, one in my purse, and one on my bedside


Santa Cruz, CA


Excellent. Definitely lives up to its name.


This stuff is excellent. Creamy consistency, with an intense tingle and instant relief for chapped lips. I only give it a 9 because I find the smell/taste to be a little intense and not entirely pleasant. Not a good one to use if you're going to right up in someone's face a lot. Heavy menthol. Other than that, great! This is one that really feels wonderful on your lips when they're cracked and sore.




Blistex Lip Medex works great!


I love Blistex Lip Medex. It works wonderfully at keeping my lips moist. It heals chapped lips in no time. I use to use this product every day, many times a day and I would rarely get chapped lips. I did however find it to be a bit messy. But of course anything in a tub that you need to put your finger in to apply would be messy and a bit greasy! So it is not very convient to use on the go if you have nothing to wipe your finger with after applying. I have since switched to Blistex Medicated lip balm stick and it works just as well as the blistex lip medex, but less of a mess. The mint one has a great smell to it too! I am obsessive when it comes to lip balm, I would not know what to do if I did not have any on me at all times. I keep one in the diaper bag, one in my purse, in my jacket pocket, on my desk, just so I will have it when I need it. I have used many other brands and Blistex has been the best so far! No product can beat the quality of Blixtex, plus it is so inexpensive!


Staten Island, NY


It works!


I like this little tub of Blistex because it works! So many on the products on the market for fever blisters are so hard they actually tear my lip and cause the blister to bleed thus lenghtening the time it takes to hear. This tub is nice because it is easy to apply using my fingertip and applying just the right amount of pressure to my lip so as to NOT tear the blister open. I have also found that if I use the Blistex at first sign of a fever blister, it usually doesn't get to the full blown-out blister stage...for me, it actually stops the blister from forming (if I get it in time). I also like the fact that this product stays on my lip longer than other products and find myself using the Blistex even when I don't have a fever blister. The only problem I have encountered has been finding the product in my local stores! For some reason my stores don't seem to be carrying it or else I am not looking in the right places in the store! My husband also uses this on his lips (he is out in the cold a good bit) and will apply it just to ward off any chapped lips! Great product that really works.


Bedford, PA


Lip Medex is a miracle worker!


Every winter I have horrible peeling, dry, chapped lips.  Every winter I try every type of lip product I can find to either alleviate the symtoms of my chapped lips or to prevent them from chapping altogether.  Some products have done a decent job of somewhat alleviating the symptoms but it took days upon days of use to even notice the smallest of changes. None of the products really helped me prevent the chapping.  Then I found blistex lip medex.  This product truly is a miracle worker!!  As soon as I opened the container I could smell the menthol, which for me was a plus.  Then I smoothed it on my already chapped lips.  It is a bit tingly when you first put it on, but by no means uncomfortable.  My lips litteraly drank it in!  After about five minutes i could feel just how well it was already working.  My lips were feeling less chapped, more subtle, in much better condition.  In two days my lips were absolutely beautiful!  No chapping or peeling, not dry at all, just soft wonderful lips.  The lip medex also has prevented my lips from chapping at all.  I absoutely LOVE lip medex!


Hopkinsville, KY


Blistex is my trusty brand for chapped lips


When my lips are excessively chapped in the dry winter months, Blistex Lip Medex is my to-go to lip aid.  It heals my lips in no time, making it smooth and soft.  I personally love the scent (and flavor when I happen to taste it by accident).  I also love the tingly cool feeling for it being a "medicated" lip ointment when it's applied on - it makes my lips feel relieved and very soothing.  I don't actually prefer the tiny container version, because I don't like to use my fingers much to apply it on in fear of contaminating the rest of the bottle with germs.  However, I get more lipbalm by the ounce with the container application, so it's more cost effective.  I believe they do offer the squeeze tube for the exact same ointment, but I think I recall I don't like the texture and so perhaps that's also why it doesn't seem to be as effective.  I have used and loved Blistex for many years, and it still has not disappoint me.


Austin, TX


I can't survive without my Blistex


My facial skin tends to crack horribly around my lips, nose, corners of eyes. The pain can be an incessant torment. The need for a product that soothes, softens, seals against moisture, and heals is essential. That's what Blistex Lip Medex does for me. I don't go anywhere without it. It would be helpful if Blistex would make a larger jar, just for us Blistex junkies. I go through a lot of this stuff, possibly a jar every two weeks, especially during winter. Blistex is a nice consistency for smoothing it on. I like the fact that it comes in a jar because then I can use every last little bit of it. By contrast, regarding things that come in a tube, there's always a certain amount that the tube will not give up. And small plastic tubes are the worst because they always pop back into shape and suck in air in the process. The jar is important. I kind of like the scent; I certainly don't object to it. It has a sort of camphor scent, I think, and I actually like the smell of camphor.


Appleton, WI


The one I always come back to


Blistex Lip Medex is the BEST lip product I have ever used, and believe me, I've tried a lot.  Most lip glosses/chapsticks are greasy and I can feel them for a long time after I put them on. I also never feel like they really penetrate the skin of my lips.  Lip Medex really gets deep down into my lips, and does wonders for the chapped, cracking lips I get every winter.  And once it's on, I don't feel it, which I like. No greasiness, no weird fruity flavors, no white residue left behind.  It soothes without being greasy.  It feels cool going on, and I can feel it really working as soon as I put it on. I've tried many of the fancy lip products, all- natural balms, lip soothers, flavored glosses, etc., and yet I keep coming back to this one.  The price can't be beat and it really works, what more could I ask for? My only wish is that it would come in a tube.  I have to only use it at night, because it's inconvenient to carry around during the day, between the bulkiness of the canister and having to use your finger to apply it. But even applying it just once a day at night makes my lips look healthy and full, and keeps them from the painful cracking and chapping I get in the winter.  


Salem, VA


Works EVERY time


Lip Medex by Blistex may not be fruitie or glimmery or vogue, but if you've got  a dry and chapped winter kisser, this is absolutely the product to buy. It's inexpensive, a little goes a long way, and you can find it anywhere and everywhere cosmetics are sold. I alway have a problem with chapped lips during the winter months, but this year, with our excessively long, bitter winter coupled with our wood stove going full tilt the whole while, I developed cracks on each side of my mouth that were awfully sore. Generally speaking, this can be a sign of a certain B vitamin deficiency, so that was, of course, my first line of defense. I probably wouldn't have had to pop extra vitamins, because a within a couple of applications of Medex, my sore spots cleared right up. Feels terrific on the lips, too. Very soothing. I would and often do recommend it!  


Tionesta, PA


Blistex Lip Medex

4.9 9