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Bliss: Lid + Lash Wash Make Up Remover

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I love this as a makeup remover


I love this product and use it as a makeup remover only. But it is wonderful. It goes on smooth and easy and not greasy at all. It takes all of the makeup off very good. It is a product that I am going to buy and use again. I have already recommended it to others as it is the best in my using of this type of makeup remover I have used in a long time. Others are greasy of what I have bought in the past and I don't like that. Even with sensitive skin, our 13 yr old Grandaughter can use this and it does not break her out.

Poplar Bluff Missouri


So soothing!


I love the Bliss: Lid + Lash Wash Make Up Remover! It's so soothing and complete Bliss. It effectively removes waterproof mascara easily, without leaving anything behind. Also, it leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft, and silky! Love this product so much.



soothing and refreshing


I received this makeup remover (along with a bunch of new makeup) as a gift for my birthday and out of everything I got, this is probably my favorite thing ever. I used to use makeup removing wipes, which were kind of unwieldy and irritating because I had to keep rubbing them over my eyes to get all my eyeliner off. However, this stuff is great, because it's really cool and soothing so even if you have to repeat swab over your eye to get your makeup off, it doesn't irritate or burn the sensitive skin at the corners of your eyes. An added bonus is that you can refridgerate it and then use it to remove makeup and it's even MORE soothing/cooling. It's a gel-based formula and doesn't use oil so it doesn't dry out your skin but it doesn't over saturate it either, and it  comes off cleanly every time you wipe it. Also if it happens to get IN your eye it doeesn't irritate or burn. I highly recommend it, especially if you're just starting to use makeup and make a lot of mistakes!

Los Angeles, CA


Bliss: Lid + Lash Wash Make Up Remover

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