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Bliss All-Around Eye Cream

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Bliss All-Around Eye Cream contains horrible ingredients!


I have only used one other Bliss product and I wasn't crazy about it, but I was hoping I would like this eye cream. Well, I do like the cream itself, but not some of its ingredients. **Bliss All-Around Eye Cream** is an eye cream that is designed to hydrate your eye area, help reduce the appearance of dark circles and fight the look of fine lines. I've been using my sample for about 5 days now and all I have noticed is that my under eye area is moisturized. Looking at the ingredient list of this product is bothersome to me. Yes, it does contain some good ingredients like grape seed oil and apricot kernel oil, but it also contains five, count them 5 different types of parabens in addition to Isoparaffin, which is derived from petroleum. Yuck. Effectiveness I like the way this cream feels on my skin. It's light and liquidy, but it feels a lot heavier and more moisturizing than you would expect. It rubs in nicely under my eyes and provides an excellent base for my concealer. Unfortunately, those are all the positive things I have to say about this product. No matter how much I like the moisturizing effects of Bliss All-Around Eye Cream, I'm really disappointed in their choice of ingredients. Unless they change their formula, I cannot recommend it. Scent It has a very mild scent that is quite neutral; even sensitive noses might not mind this.

Camp Lejeune, NC


Best Eye Cream for Me


I have always developed allergies to eye creams either after the first application, or after using an eye cream for 6-months to a year.  After using Bliss All-Around Eye Cream for about 3 years, I still haven't developed even a hint of an irritation.  I use it every morning and night, both on my lids and under my eyes.  For me, it's better than eye creams that cost five-times as much!

Overland Park, KS


Bliss All-Around Eye Cream

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