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We were looking for blinds for our new house, and blinds.com has been a very helpful site in meeting our needs. I haven't shopped for blinds on many other sites than this one, so I don't have much to compare it to, but from my experience here, I would recommend it to others. I would happily come back here again. Ease of Use Shopping for blinds is pretty easy, and they are very clear about how big the blinds are and what size windows they will fit (which was my main concern when I started looking). They also have some very helpful videos on how to find what you need. Product Selection I particularly like that they have wooden blinds available. Other places I have looked (which wasn't many) only had metal ones available. It's also nice to be able to customize the size that you need instead of hoping that your windows are the exact right size for what they have available. Product Pricing These blinds are a little bit more money than I had originally planned to spend, but they turned out to work well for us, so in my opinion, it was worth the extra money.




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