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Blendtec Blender

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Love it!


Love it! Use it everyday, and it blends deliciously! So much less work than my old blender, and I don't get those stringy flakey clumps on my smoothies anymore. For someone who hates vegetables and can only stomach chugging them in a smoothie this is a must. But, not only does it do smoothies, but the motor is so powerful that it can cook soups and heat up drinks (smoothies heating up isn't a problem). The blender came with a recipe book that is now one of my favorites mainly because the recipes work, are delicious, and are easy ( I hate cooking unfortunately) Ease of Cleaning Just fill it with water and soap and the blender does the cleaning! Once it has blended the gunk of itself, and easy rinse under hot water has it shiny and ready to go. Like any machine, if the base isn't cleaned regularly it begins to have buildup, but this hasn't been a problem for me. Design Streamlined, and definitely user friendly with a basic interface that gives easy use to kids. Durability It comes with a lifetime warranty, so though we had a defective model at first it was replaced swiftly for no cost.



Saves Me Alot of money


The main reason I bought this blender was because of the great reviews I had heard from friends but even more so was when I saw the video of it actually showing that it was so strong it could chop up toy dolls. Well, it is true to its word. I would spend lots of money on so called Health Drinks every week and it added up to a lot of moola. Well my girlfriend thought I was a bit nuts to spend this much on a blender but I am glad I did. You can make a lot of things in it from soup to smoothies, soft foods and more. The blending power is superb! I use this every morning before work to make healthy breakfast drinks. You can use it for cocktails, soups and more. It is simple to use just like any other blender is. It is easy to clean as well and clean up is a breeze. The design is nice but it is not anything spectacular and is just more like a nice blender. I would recommend it , it is very durable and will save you a lot of time and money as well.



Blendtex, was sold and am completely estatic about "SOUP"


Well I bought the Blendtex blender at CostCo after watching the demo on site. Of course the demonstrator made things look so easy, which makes me a bit weary. I am glad to say that I got that baby home and it is just that easy. I was able to duplicate some of the demo items, like the fruit smoothie (even added some spinach leaves too), the icecream. Saving the best for last would be soup. Now I am personally not a soup fan at all, but I went for it using the demo recipe of chicken tortilla soup. Just the fact that it can make soup that ishot enough to serve right after the blades stop spinning is awesome. I did add some real chicken breast to my bowl, but the overall process took hardly any time at all. I would  recommend this blender to someone who like myself is busy and some times dont have a lot of time. Throw your ingredients, hit the right button and thats it.  The easy clean up sends this over the top. Mostly just a nice rinse or add a cup or so of hot water a squirt of dish detergent put it back on the base and hit the pulse button...rinse with clean water, nothing could be easier. One on my better purchases, well worth the cost. Thanks for listening, A. Chambers

El Cajon, CA


Blendtec Blender

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