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Blax 4mm Clear Snag Free Hair Elastics

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Never again will a rubber band pull out my hair, I found Blax


I never thought to look and see if "Right A Review" would have my pony tail bands.  I used to use old fashioned rubber bands which did damage to my hair.  As a shelter dog trainer/handler, I am not allowed jewelry, purfume or barrets however they want hair not dangling to where a dog could grab it and pull it out.  Now that I've discovered Blax Bands as I call them, it's so simple to take one in my apron that hold my leashes etc to work.  Once I get working the dogs and myself, my hair gets hot at the base of my neck and sticky feeling.  So I just go into the employees room and pull up my long hair and with a quick wrap around, my hair is up, out of my hot neck and the dogs can't get to it to cause them any harm.  My Blax doesn't harm my hair at all even when I take a band off with my hair still in that sticky feeling zone.  This is a great product and since it's clear, it doesn't really stand out when I am wearing one.  They are a bit strick on public image, so an invisable hair band works just fine for me.  Wished I would have found them allot sooner!


San Jose, CA


I Love Blax 4mm Clear Snag Free Hair Elastics


I have used these for almost two years now and absolutely love them. My hair is curly and thick and this product has been a life saver. I also give them to my nieces; curly hair runs in our family.    How I wish I would have discovered Blax 4mm Clear Snag Free Hair Elastics sooner.These are really comfortable and economically priced. They are very gently on your hair, no more pulling or tugging. Anyone with thick, curly hair or girls knows the drama associated with ponytails or hairbands, but not with Blax 4mm Clear Snag Free Hair Elastics. I also buy the Black ones as I have dark hair and I wear the headbands too, they are extremely comfortable. They come in a variety of 3 colors, clear, black and brown and size 2mm has12 elastics per pack and 4mm has 8 elastics per pack and the 2mm mini pack has 10 clear and 10 black per pack. The 2mm mini pack is the one I usually buy my nieces, they work beautifully, last long and are very gentle.


New Castle, PA


Blax 4mm Clear Snag Free Hair Elastics

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