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Blake's Organic Chicken Pot Pie

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tasty and good for you


I've tried several foods similar. I take this to work. It fits right in a micro oven. Also it heats right up. In less than 5 minutes. The quality is excellent. Although you can taste the salt. No need for more. For the price you cant do much better. One bit of advice. Don't forget to take the plastic off or you may burn your lips.

El Mirage, AZ


An organic chicken pot pie that's straight off the farm!


My local commissary is doing a good job of bringing in more natural and organic products, so I don't have to venture out to my natural market as often as I used to.  This Blake's chicken pot pie is one of the organic products my commissary carries. **Blake's Organic Chicken Pot Pie **is a nice, filling size at 8 ounces.  It is not only made with all natural ingredients, but it's organic too.  The packaging says, "Every Blake's meal is made from scratch on our 4th generation farm in Concord, New Hampshire." This pot pie is filled with pieces of potatoes, peas, carrots, broccoli and huge pieces of white meat chicken breast.  I like that the veggies taste like they are from right out of the garden.  The peas weren't mushy at all, they actually popped in my mouth.  The carrots and potatoes had a nice texture to them too.  The chicken and the crust were my favorite parts of this pot pie.  The chicken chunks were really big and real meat; no spongy, mystery chicken meat here.  The chicken also has great flavor.  It tastes like they roasted a whole chicken and then pulled off huge pieces of white meat, just for this pot pie.  The crust was really good.  It wasn't flaky, but it was nice and buttery tasting.  It was loaded with flavor. My only qualm with **Blake's Organic Chicken Pot Pie **is the blandness of the gravy.  It was extremely mellow and missing some herbs, spices or seasonings.  Besides that, this dish is a winner and I will definitely buy another one.

Camp Lejeune, NC


Blake's Organic Chicken Pot Pie

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