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Potato Chips
Blair's - Death Rain XXXHot Habanero Kettled Cooked Potato Chips

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So Hot There's A Warning On The Bag


Some of the people that I tailgate with are "hot lovers"; they love anything that is spicy and some of the things that they bring to the events have warning stickers all over then that they aren't just "hot" they are "mouth burning hot". They've gotten in to a habit of using red containers for the super spicy foods so there's no way that a regular could ever possibly confuse the regular food with something that they have doctored up. Last year someone asked me if I ever heard of Death Rain and at the time I hadn't. I knew of the Blair's line of sauces and had purchased bottles of it for my friends but I had no idea that the company branched out to making chips. I couldn't find them locally so I had to order them online and was surprised that the price wasn't two or three times what I would normally pay for kettle chips. These are a thick slice potato chip that is seasoned with the Death Rain seasoning; on the bag it has the "OMG" rating for the heat index of it. I took them to the next tailgate party and even though it was freezing outside, a couple of these had most of the people sweating. The first one I tried didn't taste all that hot; it wasn't until I grabbed a handful and started eating them like I would normal chips that the heat kicked in and by that time it was too late. No amount of ice water, bread or beer would kill the heat. Obviously these are not for people who don't normally eat spicy food. I get cravings for things from time to time but unless I am having a big bowl of chili and adding a couple of these to it I doubt I will be reaching for them any time soon. I wish that I could find these locally because they are the perfect chip to have on hand when someone says, "They've never made a spicy potato chip that I can't handle". These might just have them eating crow.



Delicious with a kick!


These chips are spicy and delicious! It starts out with a tasty flavor that is a bit smoky before coming in with the kick. I am unable to eat just one chip and have introduced them to friends who also have a taste for spicy food. The texture is excellent as they are crunchy but not too much so, which has been my issue with kettle chips. They are not very greasy either which makes it easier for me to eat even more of them without feeling sick.



Blair's - Death Rain XXXHot Habanero Kettled Cooked Potato Chips

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