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Blairex Laboratories, Inc
Blairex Laboratories, Inc Sleepinal

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Sleepinal does not work with recommended dose.


Okay I admit it.  I am an self acknowledged insomniac who does not want to see a physician for a prescription.  Therefore I have tried many of the over the counter sleep aids available, Sleepinal being one of these.  They are capsules, packaged individually on tear apart foil and are very easy to use.  The package claims that they will help you fall asleep fast for a safe, restful sleep.  I did find the latter part of this to be true. Recommended dosage is one tablet, but I found taking only one to be totally ineffective.  Because of this I increased my dosage to two, being afraid to go any higher.  Even taking two, I do not find myself feeling sleepy for a good hour.  I do however accomplish a nice restful sleep once I fall asleep.  I would not purchase Sleepinal again as I did not feel that I got my monies worth.  They are non habit forming and I do awaken without that sluggish feeling.  I prefer something that is a little faster acting.


Eastpointe, MI


Blairex Laboratories, Inc Sleepinal

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