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BlackBerry Style 9670 Smartphone

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Great phone and very Stylish


I owned this phone for quite some time a while ago and loved it, mostly because it came in Purple which is my favorite color! The biggest PRO for me was that it's a flip phone which made it very compact, but don't let it's size fool you, it wasn't lacking in the options and functions department. The keys on the keyboard for me took some getting used to because they're mostly flat with a slight protrude in the corner but once I got the hang of it I was good to go, texting and internet surfing like a pro!! It's a basic smartphone compared to what's on the market these days but I'm confident you wouldn't regret getting it! Battery Life I'm always on my phone so I charge it a lot.




my purple passion


I have this phone currently in purple with sprint and i have no complains with the exception of my battery life . My apps were easy to download and memory card has tons of room , it alerts me for social and email uses , im very happy with my purple phone!!my calender is fill and color coded makes me effcient Battery Life my phone battery life should be better then my hubby iphone but it's not Display/Screen Quality very bright and vivid Call Quality i never had dropped calls nor static Durability very durable , dropped many times and no malfunction Design i love the purple!!!many people are draw to its color


Wellington, FL


I love my Blackberry


my old plan had been up for a long time and i would browse the new phones monthly but couldn't find one that i liked. i chose this phone for the large storage space, full qwerty keyboard, and clamshell design (so i don't pocket-call). i'm actually writing this review on my phone. for some reason it won't let me use capital letters inside this box. i wish that blackberry had more free apps, but that is no fault of the phone. the touchpad takes some getting used to, you can change the sensitivity on it but it still goes all over the place. the 5 megapixil camera is great, especially compared to older cell phone cameras. i love checking my email and facebook while i'm at work. the best feature is the search box on the home screen. you don't have to scroll through your contacts list or find where your pictures are. you type in what you want and it finds it in your phone. type "m" and you get mom's phone number, memo pad, and myspace. saves a lot of time.


Bay City, MI


I love my blackberry!


I love my Blackberry Style 9670 Smartphone! I purchased this phone and added it to my plan three months ago and I'm so happy with my decision. I really wanted a blackberry, but with two small children a flat phone just didn't seem like a good idea. Then I discovered this phone! It a blackberry but it also flips open instead of just being an open phone. I love it! It's a great size in my hand when it's open, but I can just flip it shut and drop it in my pocket, purse, or diaper bag without worrying about it. Mainly, I wanted a flip because I don't want to have to lock my phone and then unlock it to take a call. I have enough trouble getting to my phone fast enough without having to unlock it as well. I love the blackberry interface, it's easy to use and has definitely upped my productivity!


Knoxville, TN


BlackBerry Style 9670 Smartphone

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