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BlackBerry Smartphones
BlackBerry Smartphone

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Try it our first, it's not all it's cracked up to be


The blackbery was a challenge as it took me much to long to set up the phone. The wizard was no help. I continued to get locked out of the system as I went from one application to another. Finally, in desperation I had to use support for 3 days in a row before I got the phone/e-mails completely set up. It's not as easy as it looks and the instruction booklet was not very helpful. My final source of frustration was the fact that I could only use my yahoo mail, which was not my preferred e-mail address to receive mesages on the phone. The T-Mobile will eventually be able to convet hotmail to the blackberry but currently one is limited to yahoo only. I suspect eventually all of the kinks will be worked out. However, if you persevere all of the frustration you've experienced will be just a memory. Again, I recommend if you can test out the blackberry 1st, do it. It will alleviate much of the frustration.

Poughkeepsie, NY


If you have no choice, you can live with it


I have been using this phone for the last 5 months, and have owned a BlackBerry in the past. My real purpose in using this phone is the e-mail function. I think the general issue with this phone is that e-mail platform is a little clunky and antiquated. As a BlackJack user as well, there is sharp contrast between the functionality and feature set of the two. The BlackBerry's e-mail platform makes it difficult to view e-mails, see object details and find specific files. Cutting and pasting (addresses and other text) is awkward, it is hard to edit text, and difficult to view or attach files. While not all Microsoft applications are wonderful in themselves, the benefits of  a Microsoft e-mail platform as with the Samsung BlackJack seems to really stand out here versus this BlackBerry. The size, weight and feature set are also a drag on this phone. If you have no choice and your corporate infrastructure insists on using this phone, then I guess you can make do. But if you have a choice, there are much better options out there including the lastest Perl.

Hoffman Estates, IL


NEVER buy this phone.


This phone is horrible.  I bought it about 2 years ago, and I have had problems with it since the day I got it.  It always freezes, the internet does not work properly, and the ringtones sound like garbage.  EVERYTHING costs money on this phone, from ringtones to text updates.  You would think for how much the phone and the plan cost, that there would be something included.  HOWEVER, there are only free talk time minutes to other T-mobile users.  I can hardly hear when I am talking to some one on the phone.  The phone is also an awkward size and shape, and whenever you hold it in the nook between your head and shoulder, the receiver of the call cannot hear you.  I have dropped it many times and it is not resiliant to falls.  It has never broken, but it just works a little bit slower each time.  Calls are always cut off.  I cannot send international text messages even though I can receive them, and the T-mobile customer service has been less than helpful.

Nazareth, PA


good phone


I love this phone, and i use it for so many different things, but it needs to have the option to connect to other phones via blutooth. it would be nice to have infrared and a memory slot too, but i'm satisfied

Woodland Hills, CA


Really impressed by the Blackberry 8700


I have found that having this phone has been great for me.  I love that I can send and receive e-mails as well as text messages.  This phone makes life so much easier.  Another great feature is that you can setup the enterprise activation and set it up to coincide with your outlook so when you get an e-mail on your computer it also comes to your blackberry.  The speakerphone is great especially when you are in a position where you need both hands.  I usually use it when I am driving.....The fact that it is bluetooth capable is great but I have yet to find a bluetooth that fits my ear.  All the ones I have tried fall off my ear, I must have small ears.  Anyway, I would recomend this phone to someone who is on the go a lot and needs access to their e-mails on the road.

Vance, AL


Can't live without my BlackBerry!


The BlackBerry 8700c has been a great phone and I couldn't live without it. I rely on it as my only telephone (no land line). It's extremely functional, however, it isn't overly attractive and is a little heavy. All in all, I would recommend this phone to anyone who wants to have easy access to email and the Internet, and enjoys using a QWERTY keyboard.

Mesa, AZ


MemoPad lets me reference scriptures


When popular topics come up in the work place, it's hard to recall scriptures on the spot.  But with MemoPad, I can bring up accurate references to any topic I like.  A great witnessing tool to share with your unsaved coworkers. I like the Task Manager because I always have stuff to do and instead of taking the time to write it down and keep up with it, I just put it in my phone which is always with me.  Anytime someone tells me something is going on in the future, I immediately put it in my phone with a reminder so I never forget anything.

Thomasville, AL


great phone without the camera


If you text or sennd emails a lot this is a great phone to have unless you like using the camera which this one lacks. You can use a lot of different software and it also includes enterprise server for emails. The phone is also very sturdy and can hhandlle a lot of abuse.

Tehachapi, CA


An older model, but still a great phone.


It may not be the newest, greatest model, but it sure beats most cell phones. Having the full keyboard makes texting so much faster. Not to mention having a full browser and emails straight to my phone are really convenient. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've been in the store & wanted to compare two products. Now I can search them right from my phone. This doesn't even take into account all the applications you can download for it. It's a great resource right in the palm of your hand. I wouldn't trade my blackberry for anything!

Newnan, GA


Blackberry Cellphone-My Lifeline


My blackberry 8700 is my lifeline.It has all he helpful features you can think of!!It has a 'qwerty'  keyboard enabling easy and faster typing - Conversely, the data-oriented design used by the 8700v is wider and flatter, and offers a full 35-key QWERTY keyboard. We've tested both, and can confirm that the 8700v is significantly faster for data entry. We found that the same e-mail typed out on the 7130e and the 8700v takes roughly half the time on the latter The shape and feel of the keys is satisfying and they're a pleasure to type on, albeit those with larger than average fingers may run into issues -- it's not difficult to accidentally hit two keys at a time. The device's battery life beats out almost every other PDA/smartphone I have known. I use it fairly heavily and only need to charge it every three days or so The BlackBerry 8700 series is ideal for mobile professionals who require always-on e-mail access, but its cost and functionality won't be attractive to most non-business users.  

Somerville, NJ


BlackBerry Smartphone

3.6 11