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BlackBerry Smartphones
BlackBerry Smartphone

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This blackberry is ok


My boss gave me this blackberry 3 years ago. It's basically a cell phone with web and email access. I used it mostly for checking my work emails. In terms of checking and writing emails, I say it does the job well. In terms of using it as a cell phone, it is only ok. The sound coming out from it is not so clear sometimes. I am not sure if it is due to the reception or the phone. I ocassionally surf the web using this blackberry. However, it is extremely slow to load web pages. In addition, you could also use it to instant message other blackberry users. That is one of the features that I like the best. The one thing I hate on this blackberry model is the rolling wheel on the side. As opposed to other newer blackberry models that use a rolling ball in the center, this one uses a rolling wheel on the side of the unit. Sometimes, the unit doesn't respond when I wheel up or down. When it works, it is not precise enough to point to the place that I wanted. It seems like this is a very durable unit, because it still works after I dropped it numberous times.

New York, NY


blackberries rule the cell phone business, look out computers!!


i use my blackberry to find stores, restaurants and road directions. l use it to watch tv shows and to check my email accounts & facebook page. it does everything i use to use my laptop for. now i rarely use my computer at all.

Waynesboro, VA


My BlackBerry 8703e is my mobile office!


I love my BlackBerry 8703e! Purchased 2 years ago, I find the only limitation to be that I don't have a camera on this thing. However, I bought it for business reasons and it hasn't let me down yet. I've found very simple ways to stay connected to my business email account and office and cannot even walk my dogs without carrying it with me. To say I'm addicted to my BB is understatement. The outer casing is very durable as I've dropped it numerous times and have minor scratches that don't effect anything but the vanity of it. I can usually get better reception that most with it as well. Even though it's a tad outdated, it's still a great product.

Hayward, CA


BlackBerry Smartphone

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