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BlackBerry Smartphones
BlackBerry Smartphone

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What a rugged little phone! I have dropped this thing countless times, and the worst that has ever happened is that it's shut down and restarted. I am now using as a regular phone, because I couldn't find another phone I liked as well when I dropped my data package. (the rates were astronomical) I've already done an "upgrage" and gotten a spare for when (well, if) this one dies.

New Limerick, ME


Easy to use and efficient for all needs.


I am not a frequent cell phone user, but when I am traveling for business or pleasure, it is important for me to have contact with work. I have the ability to view my personal e-mails and e-mails from groupwise at work on my Blackberry, as well as respond to them all. My office travels with me where ever I go! I also ahve my built in contact list and it is very simple and easy to add and delete info on that list. I am very happy with my Blackberry. You do not have to be a computer genuis to work it!

Windham, ME


pretty good blackberry


this was one of the first blackberry phone that i remember or actually the first one. i remember everyone went crazy for it ! i used to work at a cell phone store and i know that our business went up dramatically when we started getting blackberry phones. but the problem is that it was not an easy sale. i may have convinced the customer to buy easily and it worked well but they always used to come back for questions. it would be annoying because i did not even have time to put into new customers, i was always teaching the old customers how to used the phone. i personally like this phone more than the blackberry pearls that came out. i also liked how the screen was wider and easier to see. especially if you use it for the internet. those blackberry pearl screens can be a little too small to see everything. i think this also uses the same charger as the razor and even my gps so that's good.

Dallas, TX


want the best phone out there


blackberry cell phones are amazing. i love my phone i do not know what i would do without it. i love being able to have interent on my phone. if i am in traffic i just take out my phone and look up what is the hold up, or if i am lost i just get my blackberry out and i get directions off my phone. i love being able to text. i would rather talk on the phone than text but if i am busy in class or at work and i can not talk on the phone then i love being able to just text someone. some people are not good with talking to others on the phone so texting would be better for them. i on the other have love to talk on the phone because then words do not get taken the wrong way if you were to text. some times people may take what you text in the wrong way than what you were meaning to say they can get mad or what not and it is not worth the drama it can lead to. OVER ALL BLACKBERRYS ARE AMAZING!



BlackBerry Smartphone

4.3 4