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BlackBerry Curve Smartphone

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What a let down


I couldn't wait to get it and now I've had it for 2 years and I can't wait to get rid of it. It's slow slow slow!!! Has been replaced 3 times b/c the updates paralyze it and can't be fixed. A big head ache!!

Summerfield, FL


I like the Blackberry, but not the Nextel service


I was excited to hear that Blackberry was finally releasing a new phone for Nextel.  I was wanting a smart-phone, but not the older outdated Blackberries.  I have had this phone for 2 years now, I purchased mine the day it was released.  I love the phone and have gotten a lot of use out of it.  My only issue is that I am on the Nextel service plan, which means I am in the nextel coverage area, not Sprint.  I recently inquired about upgrading to one of the new HTC Evo phones that look so cool, and I was told that my coverage area would become Sprint and not Nextel for that phone.  This would be fine except I get poor Sprint service at my house, and full Nextel service.  I have no home phone and rely on my cell as my only phone.  I really wish they would merge the two coverage areas, but I understand Nextel is different because of the walkie talkies (which I never use).  I was aso surprised to find out that the highest Nextel goes is 2G!  So even if I get a newer Nextel phone, I will never be able to achieve the 4G speeds unless I switch to Sprint service area.  I am in a dilemma now, because I would love to upgrade to an EVO, but do I sacrifice coverage at home?  If you don't mind the 2G I do recommend this phone, I have loved having it, it is a great phone.  The only downfall is slow internet, and forget watching a video on this phone, unless you are willing to wait a  while for it to load.

Mebane, NC


This Curve is one sweet (Black)Berry!


Oh BlackBerry Curve, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Seriously, this is the best cellphone I have ever had, and in more than a decade, there have been several! When I upgraded my Samsung flip-phone to a BlackBerry, I wasn't sure what to expect, and I was a bit leary of paying so much for a data plan. Imagine my surprise that this phone has saved me over and over again. The camera, the appointment book, the Internet access to look up addresses while pulled over on the side of the road ... I also love that I can take good pictures with it (as opposed to the typical grainy cameraphone pictures) and upload music, as well. Granted, I have an iPod, but it's nice to be able to just bring one device with me. The Curve has very clear audio and I never have to worry about not being able to hear calls. Some people would say that has to do with the provider, but I think it's all about the phone. And this phone is incredible.

Seattle, WA


I was nervous to get this phone. Blackberry Curves are Perfect!


I'm not much of a techie, I don't know much about computers, and if it were up to me I'd be happy going back to the 80s! (not that I ever lived in the 80s) But as you can see, I don't know alot about this stuff. When my fiance wanted to get a cellphone plan with him I though sure because my current phone from Verizon was falling apart. When he told me about the buy one get one Blackberry Curve special from sprint i was pretty nervous because I didn't know how well a smart phone and i would mesh. Thank goodness I listened to him! Usually I like my phone for a week and then I hate it. I've had this phone for a month now and besides a few update glitches, its perfect for me. I love the data, the web, and the texting, the keyboard, and well... EVERYTHING! So if you're not much of a techie like me but want a superb phone for great quality that will actually LAST get this Blackberry and enjoy being connected!

Shelley, ID


Wish I would have gotten this phone a long time ago!!


I LOVE this cell phone!!!  My husband and I recently decided to switch phone carriers due to some problems we were having with our old carrier with reception and dropping calls.  The cell phone is a very important part of my husbands job and he uses it continuously throughout the day.  I was a bit skeptical about buying a smartphone since the price is a bit high, but my husband insisted and I have never been happier with a cell phone before this one.  I no longer have to use my MP3 player because this blackberry phone already has one in it. I just put my songs on the phone and I am ready to go.  My favorite part is that I can make any part of any song my ringtone which is great for my son.  He loves to hear the theme songs from his favorite shows sing on the phone every time it rings.  This phone is so easy to use.  We have had the phones for about a month and don't have any complaints yet.  I am now glad we made the switch.

Kissimmee, FL


AWESOME for those computer/web addicts on the go!


I've had the phone for a couple of months now, and I LOVE it! Aside from the crappy stereo ear buds it comes with, the battery capacity is great, the keyboard is a huge improvement, the fact that its Bluetooth compatible is fantastic! There isn't a feature that I don't use on a regular basis!   I LOVE my Blackberry Curve!   The ONLY downside is the quality of the finishes of the keys and the fact that no protective case is/was available for it.

South Salem, NY


Great phone


I have now had this phone for 5 months.  I really like it.  I changed from a Motorola Clutch to this phone and couldn't be happier at my decision.  The battery seems to have a pretty long life for being a smart phone.  I love having the ability to get notifications with new emails and to use facebook.  I have had a few problems with getting the notifications for facebook, but after I reinstalled the app it was fine.  My trackball occassionally sticks too.  I think the camera/video has great quality for being a phone.  I also like the ability to instantly share via MMS/Email/Facebook my photos.  The built in MP3 player is probably a great feature for some, but it is not one that I use very often.  However, the sound quality is outstanding.  At this point if I had to get another phone, I would stick wtih Blackberry.  Some of the menus and finding certain things is a bit confusing at first, but nothing we can't get used to!

South Beloit, IL


BlackBerry Curve Smartphone

4.0 7