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Black & Decker
Black & Decker T125 4-Slice Toaster

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Great toaster...


We have this toaster in stainless steel. I love the modern sleek design and quick toasting time. It toaster most every thing evenly but not quickly. It has dials that can be adjusted and finely set for what your toasting. Overal great toaster, worth the money. Toasting Evenness I toast lots (bread, pancakes, bagel, toaster strudels) and have had no issue. Everything comes out evenly toasted. Safety The slots on the top are a little large. I have see my kids try to reach in there and I'm sure they could, when it is hot. Not sure how this could be fixed, but is a safety issue. Ease of Cleaning Most of the stuff falls to the bottom and the trays can be pulled out and easily cleaned. The stainless steel does lead to lots of finger prints on the exterior. Durability We use this toaster almost every morning. It had been taken along to hotels and camping trips and we have had no issues. Design Great look. Lots fits in the slots, work well and evenly.

Allendale, MI


T125 4-slice Toaster - Perfect for a family


I have owned this toaster for several years. We bought it as a replacement for an older 2-slice version. With our family of 4, it has been very helpful to have at least 4 slots on a toaster instead of just two. The control knobs make it easy to set the degree of toasting you prefer. And, the blue buttons in the middle give it even more of an advantage. For example, after pulling down the toast lever to begin toasting, you can push a button for bagels, or for frozen waffles, to help the items toast more evenly and efficiently. It has worked out well for our family's needs. Sturdy and attractive also.

Newton, IL


Black & Decker T125 4-Slice Toaster

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