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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Steamer & Food Cooker

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perfect hard boiled eggs and corn on the cob


I found neat very useful time saveing product (kitchen gadget) for busy people. also saves money.  I happened to see black and decker kitchen steamer and cooker at wal mart when shopping it got my curosity up I being man know about quality and dependabileity of black and decker power tools. So decided to give this steamer cooker a try.  This homehome steamer and rice cooker lives up to black and decker name it works great dependable easy to use. I got it home plugged it ib added water and checked recipe book for recipes i like then put shell eggs in it turned timer on and surfed internet 25 minutes later perfect hard boiled eggs. the old way i put pan on stove added water and boiled them that way (never again steamer easy no time involved just turn timer on and forget. This also works fine for corn on cob rice salmon alaskan king crab and other sea food I get from my other review of the crab deck store that just opened fo sea this two perfect fit for me. It always amases me i always find best buys by accident  most home makers most likely use product like this already me being man new to me but works fine and easy to use new. It a great asset to any kitchen.      

Le Sueur, MN


Never really use it: a steam basket is so much easier


I received this as a gift, but have only used it a few times. Steaming takes place often at our house because I make my own baby food, but in my opinion it is just so much easier to use a steam basket in a big pot than to have to get this out. That said, it looks less complicated and easier to clean and use than many of the other steamers out there, so it has that in its favor.

Sacramento, CA


Black and Decker Steamer works great every time


The Black and Decker Steamer and Food Cooker works great for so many different things. First off, it is an excellent food steamer for fresh or frozen veggies. You can choose the time that you want it to steam for, depending on how crisp or soft you like your veggies, add your water, then the veggies, turn it on and leave it be. It's great to not have to worry about or check on your food while you are busy cooking other things in the kitchen. And steaming is a great way to prevent nutrient loss in your foods. The other thing that is does very well is cooks rice. I hate making rice on the stove. It boils over, you constantly have to check it and add water to ensure doneness and even with all that, it still doesn't turn out right. With this steamer you can set the timer and walk away, coming back to perfectly made rice every time. I love it!

Davison, MI


Black & Decker Steamer & Food Cooker

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