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Black & Decker
Black & Decker S600 Cordless Power Scrubber

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Black and Decker Cordless Power Scrubber is better than expected


When I purchased this item I did not have very high expectations. Usually cordless items lose power quickly and don't clean very well. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this product. It has several different toppers to customize you cleaning job. The handle stayed well charged and did a good job cleaning my shower bottom. I used a different attachment head to clean the tile work and grout and that also did a good job. Overall this item cleans well and stayed charged during my project. I have owned mine for a couple years and felt it was well worth the money I paid for the product. This is perfect for somone who can not do a lot of repetitive cleaning motions or does not have a lot of strength in the arms. You just hold this in place with your favorite cleaner and move it around as necessary. The only down-side is keeping it plugged in is a challenge, but it charges relatively quickly so it's not a big issue.

Schererville, IN


Easy to use


This is so easy to use and so far hasn't really worked the way I would like but I'm probably expecting too much from a gadget.  It has the potential and I'm sure works great on every day mess.  I tried to clean some things that I think were just too far gone.  So, I would say this product is very good for what it is made for.  Cleaning up dirt on the rug or floor, cleaning tires, dog messes, etc.  Don't expect it to bring back  things to when they were new.  Also, to be more economical, spray your cleaner on instead of using the compartment.  You'll use less and get it where you want it.

Palm Springs, CA


Cheap but, to cheap


I was not to impressed with this item at all.  It is a cheap tool, but as far as scrubbing, it is not very good.  I have had to replace the brushes to often.  I run a construction cleaning business and i needed something help with drywall makes  in the tubs.  It works but it runs out of power quick, and the brushes are always needing to be replaced.  It would  be nice if they would supply you with some more brushes and maybe a recharged back up battery.  I guess that will come if someone reads this review.

Daytona Beach, FL


I love this thing, but I don't like the cleaner holder/sprayer.


I am so sold on the Scum Buster, a model prior to this one.  It doesn't have the built in cleaner holder.  I have one of this model and it works except the cleaner holder is more trouble than it's worth.  You have to clean it out and the whole idea is to have LESS to clean, not MORE, in my opinion.  Different cleaning jobs require different cleaners, so this doesn't work for me.  I like the attachment that allows some flexibility, but all models don't offer it.  I also like the model that has an extension handle; look for this one because it helps when cleaning hard to reach places or even spots on carpet.  (It works GREAT for spot cleaning on carpet!)  I bought my first of these at a yard sale and loved it.  Then we went to Houston for 3 months and I didn't take it with me, so I bought one off of eBay to use while there.  In looking for that one I found one with an extension handle, and having just had surgery, I thought it would help, so I bought it, too!  I gave one to my sister-in-law and I'm keeping the others because it's handy to have an extra in case it runs out of power and needs a recharge before I'm done.  The charge holds for 30 minutes and I've really never used it for that long.  It works so well, quickly.  I was most impressed when it cleaned out the water ring in my toilet when NOTHING else and no amount of elbow grease would.  I think every household should have one of these.  Look for one that has a caddy for all the attachments or just buy one.  The one that hangs on the wall to stay charged is great, too.

Hobart, OK


Black & Decker S600 Cordless Power Scrubber

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