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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Rice Cooker

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No More Minute Rice For My Family


I have always been a huge rice eater because growing up it was cheap and afforable. I would think eating it so much would discourage my love for it but it hasn't and I've passed this love for rice down to my girls. I ran across this product while shopping and thought wow, this is specifically meant for cooking rice so I bought the Black & Decker Rice Cooker. The first time I used it I followed the directions from the manual and used the measuring cup that come in the box and my first experience the rice come out dry and almost burnt. So the next time I used this cooker I added more water than recommended and my rice come out perfect. This product is so easy to use, press a button and it turns off when it's done. We eat rice quite often and each and every time I use this rice cooker my rice comes out tastey! No longer will I use the microwave stuff! Performance This cooker cooks evenly and quick. As long as I add enough water the rice never burns. Ease of Cleaning Most of the time it is easy to clean as long as I clean it right after I use it. If I let it sit the rice sticks to the side and makes it harder to clean. Ease of Use Add rice and water then press a button and that's it!



Good but not great


This Black and Decker model is the only model anyone in my family uses. My dad used to make rice almost everyday and he always would rely on his rice cooker to do its magic while he cooked the rest of his dinner. Once I moved out, my dad bought be the exact same cooker that he had and I know I can always rely on it to cook the rice through perfectly. The only complaint I have about this rice cooker is that the bottom layer almost always burns, but I think you will get that with any brand of rice cooker to some extent. Performance This rice cooker always cooks the rice perfectly without ever over or under cooking the food. Ease of Cleaning All you have to do is soak the bottom with some warm water for a little while and the bottom cleans out perfectly. Ease of Use All you have to do is fill it up, plug it in, push the bottom to cook, and you are done. Durability I have had this cooker for 4 years and it stills works the same as the day I got it. Design It looks like any basic rice cooker.



Makes me love my rice


I was pretty green back in college about rice-my only experience with rice was Minute Rice, or the like.  My Asian friend had a Black & Decker rice cooker, and cooked rice religiously, only with her Black and Decker rice cooker.  I learned how tasty and healthy rice can and should be!  It was clumped, and tasted so good, that I often ate it plain, as she did.  I would just put it in the rice cooker with the appropriate amount of water, and eat it with nothing on it, or maybe some butter or simple spices.  It was a staple for me, and even today, years later, I will not have rice any other way-there is no comparison to having it in this reliable rice cooker.  I cannot have stir fry without making the rice to accompany it in this way.  My Black and Decker rice cooker is more than a decade old, and going strong-heating as well, and keeping the rice moist, as good as the day I bought it.  So I think its a good investment. 

Fairfield, VA


I have used better.


My mother had a great rice cooker so I decided to try one out.  I bought the black and decker rice cooker for an affordable price at a large store.  Everytime that I have used it and followed the directions the rice has been overcooked and dry.  The bottom of the rice would alsways stick together and be burnt.  I have since started to add more than the suggested amount of water to the pot and turn it off immediately after the rice is cooked.  Using the warming function always made the rice burn.  The steamer component of the rice cooker is good but nothing special to write home about.  For what I paid for the machine I have gotten my money's worth.  Next time I will opt to buy a better brand so that I can make rice  a little more effortlessly.  The small measuring cup and flat spoon provided in the box is very helpful in preparing the rice.  The cooker is very easy to use with just one button to start and it turns off cooking immediately on its own.

Miami, FL


My Black & Decker Rice Cooker is great


My son brought home a Black & Decker Rice Cooker that he just bought. I tried it out that first night and Wow im hooked. I always just make rice from a box until now. This is a much faster way to cook rice and you don't have to watch it. All you do is put the rice in and the water and stir it and then turn it on and it will turn off when it is done. The Black & Decker Rice Cooker is a great think for busy Moms like me and anyone else too.

Moreno Valley, CA


Black & Decker Rice Cooker

3.8 5