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Black & Decker
Black & Decker All-Temp Steam Iron

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Solid Performer at an affordable Price


I got this iron from Applica as a warranty replacement for a cheaper Black & Decker iron I bought. The last one seemed to have electrical shorts in the power cord. So far this iron is been much better constructed, and produces much better results than their lower priced model. I think spending a bit more on this from the get go would serve you well. I really like the digital control that handles the steam and heat together, my previous model had seperate controls and this caused problems at times. The surface is stainless steel and truly glides over every fabric I throw at it. The only issue with it so far has been filling the water resivoir. You really have to baby the spout when filling to avoid a spill. Other than this minor issue, it is a true workhorse. It isn't too heavy, nor too light. It has just the proper amount of steam, and is quick to warm up. Being someone who irons daily for work, and this is just the ticket to looking sharp and professional. Performance It works daily with minimal fuss, that's what I need in an iron. Safety Has a quick auto-shutoff if you leave the iron face down on the board Ease of Cleaning Built in cleaning function takes out the guesswork. Ease of Use Filler'up and turn her on. Ready to use in about a minute. Durability Its fallen off the board a few times and still keeps ticking. It feels solid, not cheap and creaky like my last model Design I prefer the choice of a color such as black, but for the performance this gives I can set aside that preference.

Chicago, IL


Gives Great Steam.


I had a pricey Black & Decker iron that I was very happy with but I loaned it to someone and it never returned.I was on a budget this time around but I still wanted a iron by Black & Decker.I found the Black & Decker All -Temp Steam D6000 Iron at a good price.I like the way it looks and the features are great.Most importantly is it works wonderfully.It has a digital control panel with a light in it.I really like the easy to read control panel. I am never in doubt about what setting the iron is on.The iron steams up on every temperature even the low settings.The steam is a real time saver it gets wrinkles out quick.You can hold the iron upright and steam curtains or hanging garments.Another great feature is that it will shut itself off if it is knock over.the iron is easy to use and light despite having a large water tank.

West Union, OH


Light weight Black & Decker has done it again


I have always been a huge consumer of many Black & Decker products.  Black & Decker has never let us down, from  my mounted toaster oven to cooking appliances, such as a counter top grill.  I have carpal tunnel and ironing used to be such a chore that I could only iron 2-4 at the most  of my husbands shirts at a time.  Well, the old iron finally gave out. I went to our local shopping center and into the department store.  When I saw how many Black & Decker Irons were available, I was like a kid in a candy store.  The prices were very reasonable.  The iron itself was light weight so I can iron longer.  I love the extra blast of steam for those tough areas.  No more back and forth, back and forth and still not getting the look of a nicely ironed shirt.  Not with Black & Decker.  It seems like the new technology has been brought into their already good brand name.  So thank you Black & Decker for another inovative product.

San Jose, CA


Black & Decker All-Temp Steam Iron

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