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Black & Decker
Black & Decker 71-991D - 120 Piece Drilling and Screwdriving Set

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Decent Quality great price, great for the Do-it Yourselfer


I bought one of these sets a while back to supplement my Drilling and driving tools and overall its not a great set but its a good set for someone looking for a good mostly complete drilling and driving set to use around the house. My biggest complaint is the Phillips two bits which strip a little too easily. Other than that for the most part I have found the bits and nut drivers included in this set to be of decent quality. Not something I would suggest a professional contractor buys for business use but decent for a home owner. A few quick points to run down, the drill bits themselves are decent quality and I have found the included spade bits to serve their purpose very nicely. Most of the screwdriver bits ( minus the above mentioned Phillips Two bits) are decent quality and I have gotten plenty of use out of them. I think the high point of this set are the included nut drivers. They have served me very well and I actually bought a second set of just those to throw in my tool box. Finally the case is decent quality and helps to keep everything nicely organized although one of the plastic clasps that keeps it shut did break off shortly after I bought the set. Overall if your looking for a decent do it yourself set to use around the house or for just basic drilling and driving this is a good set at a very affordable price. I would highly recommend them for these purposes.




Black & Decker 71-991D - 120 Piece Drilling and Screwdriving Set

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