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Black & Decker
Black & Decker 16-Cup Rice Cooker (RC436)

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Fantastic Value


My friend had one and after eating the rice she made, I just had to have one myself. Her rice always came out perfect. This is also a great product to have if you are making large batches of sushi for a party. It cooks up the rice and then you just add in the rice vinegar and presto! You are ready to roll! Performance I've made rice, couscous and quinoa in this and also added lots of different ingredients. It has definitely held up to even my most spicy recipes! Ease of Cleaning Make certain that you hand wash this with the soft side of the sponge. I usually use warm water and a mild detergent. If there is anything stuck on, I use a plastic spoon to try to remove it. Whatever you do, don't take a steel sponge to it! You will ruin it if you do. Ease of Use Add water to the line, add the rice (etc). Cook. I will say that once the rice is cooked I do unplug immediately or it gets toasty on the bottom. Durability I've had mine for quite a few years and it is still going strong!




Pretty RICE Cooker


Firstly let me tell you that I am a big big fan of Black and Decker products and very often then not I try and pick up this brand over any other one. And so is the case with this rice cooker. And as per my expectation this product is just awesome. After I bought it, rice cooking has become a cake walk for me. Its so so simple to make rice in this...just have to take rice in the pan, pour the water to the appropriate level ( you can use the measurement cup which comes alongwith this cooker) and put the lid and switch one the button. Then you can just leave it on its own. After cooking the rice it would automatically put the cooker at warm mode so it would remain warm till you sit for food. With its non-stick coating its very very easy to clean this cooker. Only concern I have is that its non-stick coating should not come out as it happens with most of the non-stick utensils & then the food stuff starts getting stick to the bottom of the pan which I literally hate.




Making Rice is SO Easy Now!


Making rice can sometimes be tricky, and the need to pay attention to the rice to see if it's done and to make sure it doesn't keep cooking once the water is all gone can be a challenge sometimes. With this Black & Decker Rice Cooker, making rice is a breeze! This rice cooker comes with nice clear directions, and it's super simple to use. Simply put the appropriate amount of rice in the pan (using the very handy special measuring cup that comes with the rice cooker), fill the pan with water up to the appropriate line, put the lid on and push the on button. Now you are free to completely ignore your rice while you cook the rest of your meal. When the rice is finished cooking, it will automatically switch over to the warm setting, and it can sit safely if needed while the rest of the meal finishes up. This handy little rice cooker makes perfect rice every time, and is so easy to use! Definitely a product you want to have in your kitchen if you cook rice!


Joplin, MO


So easy to love


This Black & Decker 16-Cup Rice Cooker (RC436) has been pretty handy as my primary rice cooker. It's great for cooking large amounts of rice and simple enough to use to get nicely cooked rice. All you have to do is measure and rinse out the rice, pour in the correct amount of water according to how many cups of rice you used, and push the cook button. Set it and forget it! You get some rice for the whole family! I tend to add extra water for times that I know I will leave the rice cooker on the warm setting for an extended amount of time, therefore keeping the rice moist. This model leaves very little to complain about. The pot is nonstick and easy to wash, the unit is exceedingly simple to use, and you are able to steam veggies in it as well. The only issue I have is water coming out of the steaming hole in the lid when I cook a batch of rice that is less than what is recommended for this size of a rice cooker. Otherwise, it works just fine.


San Diego, CA


Great reasonable rice cooker


Had this rice cooker for 9 years now no problems yet. A great cooker that's still reasonable and it cooks rice very well. Love the little tool it comes with to prevent scratching the inside of the cooker. Its a must have for any home


University Place, WA


Coating will come off in time


The main problem with this rice cooker is the non-stick coating applied. I used this Black & Decker rice cooker for approximately 1 year, and the non-stick coating started to come off after 1 year. Needless to say, ingesting the non-stick coating is not very healthy and should be avoided whenever possible. Non-stick coatings current might still contain PFOA a likely carcinogen identified by the FDA and might cause increase cholesterol levels as well. Although the rice cooker worked pretty well with fast cook time and was very easy to use, the health factor alone is a major turn off. I would not recommend this rice cooker to anyone. If you really need a rice cooker, get one of those stainless steel ones.


Westfield, IN


I love it.


Black & Decker 16-Cup Rice Cooker (RC436) is good. I have been used it for almost three years, and when I moved from Ca, I still carried it, now it is still in my kitchen. I must say although the price is very cheap, but the function is wonderful. Everyday we use it to cook rice ,sometimes twice a day, but it is still good to use. At beginning I thought it is enough if I used it for one year, but to my surprise, it still like a new one, so we keep using it until now. It has a glass lid with a hole , and a cup for measuring, that is a sweet design. I have already recommended it to my family members and relatives, my friends, I hope they love it like me, Black & Decker 16-Cup Rice Cooker (RC436) is really awesome.


Pullman, WA


Nice rice and soup cooker


I like this cooker very much. I use it not only cook the rice but also cook some pig bones soup or some beans soup. At the first time, I thought maybe it does not with that much powerful for burning bones to a frazzle. But it really cooked very good bones soup with a very fast speed. Of course, it is awesome for steam rice. I have rice everyday for en tree sides. What you need is to put the rice and some water into the cooker. Push the button and waiting for about 20 minutes. You can enjoy the very good-flavor rice everyday. Sometimes, I use it to cook some green bean soup. It's perfect for summer. The only difference between cooking bean soup and rice is the water level. Push the button and waiting for about 40 minutes, you can enjoy the delicious bean soup.


Tucson, AZ


Black&Decker 16 cup rice cooker is efficient , cheap and good!


The **Black & Decker 16-Cup Rice Cooker **is an inexpensive, sturdy and wonderful rice cooker which cooks rice perfectly every time. It is very easy to use and easy to clean . This model makes upto 16 cups of cooked rice and is great for cooking large batches of rice in one go. It has an indicator light which changes color when the rice is cooked and it automatically changes the settting from cook to warm once the rice is done cooking. Cooked rice thus stays nice and warm until ready to serve. The non stick pan is easy to clean since rice doesnt stick to the bottom. I often switch it on before going out and then come home to find perfectly cooked warm rice waiting for me ! It also comes with a steamer basket which is perfect for steaming vegetables. The only problem with this cooker is that the extra water tends to come outt of the steamhole and forms a mess over the lid , so I need to keep it away from other appliances and stuff. Other than that this is aperfect rice cooker and definitely recommended!** **


Nashville, TN


Great Rice cooker for the price


This product is very inexpensive and for the most part works great. Sometimes it tends to get a little warm and the rice overcooks and dries out, but once you get the hang of it and realize where the setting and timing needs to be then it works great! I love it because it makes the rice quickly and I don't have to stand over it for it to cook. Along with how it works it very easy to clean and it comes with a steamer so it is very easy to also toss some vegetables in it and let them cook without having to watch them either. It is kind of cheap and maybe won't last as long as a more expensive cooker, but it may surprise me! I bought it in college a couple years ago and it is still going strong!


Lenexa, KS


Black & Decker 16-Cup Rice Cooker (RC436)

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