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Black Radiance
Black Radiance Indelibly Radiant Lipstick

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Black Radiance is great!


Although I do not prefer to wear much make-up, I feel like my face is naked without some type of lipgloss or lipstick. A friend told me about this particular kind and I picked it up to try out. The lipstick itself is pretty good quality as in it does not seem cheap. It applies easily and was not too expensive. I found that the color was very vibrant and it definitely was lon-lasting. I probably would have been happier with the shade being just a bit less bright, especially since it didn't fade like other kinds of lipstick. It definitely sticks out! I do agree with one of the other reviewers that had mentioned it's great for a vintage-type look. I'm glad my friend told me about this particular product because I'm usually very picky and cannot make up my mind on what to buy. I am happy with the decision I made. I've told a few of my othe friends to try this and it seems that they have had the same views as I do.

Akron, OH


black radiance lipstick


I like the black radiance product line the colors are true and for black womwen especially, it usually hard to get the same effects from different companies.  I like the red because the color is warm just most complexion are warm.  It been around for a while I can remember the first time I try it as younger person loved it.

Cleveland, OH


Incredibly Red


I have this lipstick in shade 5067, which doesn't have a name, as best I can tell, but has got to be the brightest, reddest color out there. This lipstick comes in a rectangular package; it is a thinner stick that's fairly easy to apply. It does go on very thick, though; I found that I always need to dab my lips with a tissue after I put it on, or else it's just too much. The main reason I bought this product is the color: if you want to look like a vintage movie star, a femme fatale -- this is it! It is a bright, saturated red. There are two more things to remember here, however: the first is that it does bleed a little, so you should probably use a lip pencil with it, and the secod is that the color is on the dark side and will make your lips look smaller. Real make-up pros will know how to correct it--I just try not to overuse it. Otherwise, it looks great, and would work well with many skin tones.

Lincoln, NE


Black Radiance Indelibly Radiant Lipstick

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