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Black & Decker
Black & Decker VersaBrew Plus 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

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The coffee doesn't come out hot enough.


  The Black & Decker Versa Brew Plus electric coffee maker is good for brewing a nice cup of coffee, if you are not too fussy about having your coffee piping hot.  It has different strength choices from mild to strong and anything in-between.  The coffee comes out hot, but not very hot.  Since I like my coffee very hot, I am always putting my cup into the microwave for fifteen seconds to make it as I like it.   The Versa Brew Plus will make from two to twelve 6 ounce coups of coffee.  The plate that the pot rests on does get warm, but it doesn't keep the coffee hot.  This model does not have an "automatic off" sensor when the pot is lifted before the brewing is completed. 

Pembroke Pines, FL


Smile about your coffeemaker in the morning!


Hello Everyone.  Who out there likes coffee?  Wait a minute, who out there LOVES coffee?! I do!  And probably many of you too!  I drink decaf and it works just fine for me.  I had to switch to decaf after the age of 35. Lol, bummer.  But, not really when I want to sleep at night. hee-hee. Okay, I am here to write about my coffeemaker.  I honestly think it is around 10 years old!  But it doesn't look it.  And it is still working like a charm! Don't you love it when you can say that about things?!  Esp. things in your house and work for you and your family?!  Black and Decker is a very good company that I have a feeling does not have to worry about being around for another 50+ years or longer!  I love mine because it is very easy, quick (good for busy moms ;) and brews almost instantly.  It can also make up to ten cups.  Well, we never have a need for that!  But, when do have company, etc. the function is nice and comes in handy.  It is just a simple, coffeemaker that fits into any place or space on your kitchen counter.  The only drawback I have discovered (that is not really a problem but kind of a nuisance rather) is the inside where the water goes stays very beaded with water afterwards.  So I have found I have to wipe it down.  Otherwise it might lead to molding to set up and who wants that?! Ick.  But if you are looking for something budget-friendly that will do the job, and also one you can set to go off (just in time) in the morning before you get up, this is it. :)

Northport, AL


Black & Decker VersaBrew Plus 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

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