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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Textured Series 10-Cup Food Processor

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Poor quality, would not recommend


I don't use a food processor very often, but I must say that I really hate this food processor. It's to the point where I can't even get it to work now half the time. It doesn't chop the entire canister of contents completely - but rather leaves some parts liquefied and other parts chopped. I have a small 2 cup processor that works more efficiently. It looks nice and it's nice that it has suction cups on the bottom that prevent it from sliding on the counter, but I can't in good conscious recommend such a poor product. You truly do get what you pay for with this processor. Ease of Assembly Sometimes it's hard to get the plastic canister to look into place correctly. When locking, it doesn't always mean the thing will work though.

Chapel Hill, NC


Great food processor


This is my absolute favorite kitchen appliance, hands down. Though it is a bit bulky (one of the drawbacks), I keep it out on my kitchen counter because I use it so often. It fits under the kitchen cabinets and can be slid in and out when needed. I have had it for many years and it is only just now starting to slow down. I have used it to puree (items like pestos, mashed items, etc), chop (onions, carrots, tomatoes for salsa, garlic, etc), and even mix dough (for breads, cakes and pastries). It has a large capacity - 10 cups certainly goes a long way! Cleanup is easy - the bowl and blade are easy to manage - the one caution is to make sure the water drains out of all the crevices prior to re-assembling as mildew can grow in those areas.

Upland, CA


Black & Decker 10-cup food pro is hit and miss.


I think my husband bought me this for Mother's Day one year. I was surprised because I had never used one. It was soon summer time and I had a head of cabbage and I decided to use my food pro to chop it up to make a fresh cole slaw. It cut the cabbage very nicely but a couple times of using it, the lid cracked when I went to lock it. I was not rough with it, it just cracked. I didn't use it again for months because I thought what good is a food processor that wont work good? I pulled it out a couple of months ago because I needed something to finely ground cookies. I found that it does work but I have to hold the lid down in order for it to work, which is frustrating if you need your hands for other things. It is very hard to twist the cup off of the base. Two hands are needed which again is frustrating if you are busy. I do like how it suctions to your counter so it doesn't slip away. But then again that is frustrating if you need to slide it over to clean a spill or something. The blades are sharp and I do not see them dulling anytime soon. It's easy to clean. Rather heavy but you wouldn't want a flimsy food processor. It came with a plastic blade looking thing. I am not sure if that is an actual blade or if it's used to cover the blade. It doesn't seem to fit on the blade so I am not sure what it's for. I am considering calling or emailing Hamilton Beach and seeing if they can send me a new top since mine cracked. I would like the food processor even more. It does work very well and I will use it again, cracked lid or not.

Andover, NY


The Black & Decker food processor is good most of the time.


I purchased the Black & Decker 10 cup Food Processor several years ago and didn't really do any research.  This is a sturdy machine and chops very well.  However, it can be really frustrating to get on and off the base.  You must do things in a particular order or it will not come off the base and the same goes for when you want to actually chop something.  I am guessing this is for safety reasons, however it does take some getting used to.  I purchased it and then got so frustrated trying to get it to work that I did'nt use it for a over a year.  If you want to pulvarize your food, it does an amazing job and it is done really quickly.  Now there is an attachement for slicing and grating, but I really haven't used that very often.  Another con is that it is quite large.  The base takes up quite a bit of room, so if I had to do it over, I might choose a smaller machine.  The Black & Decker 10 cup Food Processor is great if you do a lot of big jobs.  It cuts easily and quickly.  I could probably do without such a large machine.

Gig Harbor, WA


I enjoy my Black and Decker Food Processor


My Black and Decker Food Processor is so easy to use.  It is so simple to take and apart and clean.  It come with a good manual with good directions on how to use the different attachments.  It slice and chops vegetables great! 

Magnolia, TX


This food processor saves time


The Black & Decker Food Processor has lots of great uses. While bulky, it stores well in my cupboard with take-apart pieces. I particularly like the chopping accessor....for chopping up onions in bulk without all the tears. I also use the grater feature for both zucchini and carrots, and the slicer is really cool for potatoes and apples. It does come with a bread hook too, but I haven't ever used that yet. Pros....it is FAST. It also can hold alot of chopped food before you have to empty it. There are little suction cup feet on the bottom of the base to hold it in place too. Cons...I sometimes have a hard time getting the "lock" in place before it can be used (simply by turning the cup feature at the top). Perhaps my biggest drawback with this particular model, is the small food chute for actually putting in the things you want to chop, grate, etc. When I shred zucchini, I need to cut the zucchini in quarters before it will actually fit in the chute. Makes extra work there, but it saves me time on my hand grater!

Bemidji, MN


Black & Decker Textured Series 10-Cup Food Processor

3.5 6