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Black & Decker SpaceMaker 12-Cup Coffee Maker

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About half and half


The only bad thing about this coffee maker is that a layperson would not usually test the unit first before it is undermounted / installed, and all that implies with the drilling of the holes, lining up symmetry with your cabinets, etc., and then finding out the clock is inaccurately too fast by about 30 minutes per day.  Other than manually holding itn or securing it somehow, to run a test, which could potentially be dangerous, there's no other way, but to install it, and hope for the best it will work properly, and if not then uninstalling it for a return.  I'm not exactly happy about that aspect.  Other than that, this coffee maker is absolutely great in my opinion.  Personally I just reset the clock every day (a little bit behind time at night so that it is about the right time in the morning when it automatically runs), and I'm okay with that for now.  It's very easy to use, cleanup is not difficult, and very minimal mess.  This also has an auto shut-off feature that I really like, because of having accidentally left a coffee pot on the whole day, and reducing the fire hazard factor.  I would highly recommend this coffee maker to anyone with the exception to plug it in first and check the clock for accuracy before installing it.  Lief  

Hampton, VA


a finicky machine


My husband and I recieved this coffee maker as a gift from our wedding registry. It was much appreciated after our last coffee maker went kaput. We chose this to add to our registry because the colors were pleasing white with stainless steel. (everything in our kitchen is white with stainless steel accents - which proves tough to find most things are either stainless steel or black) also the space saving option was nice as our kitchen is quite small. We have noticed however that it is quite finicky about how it makes the coffee and is to be "suporvised" at all times while operating. My husband is the main coffee drinker of the house and he programs it to go off when he wakes up to start making coffee. It is difficult to add water to the machine an is also difficult to make sure that the coffee basket doesn't pop out and spill coffee on the countertop while making the coffee. I would not recommend this unless they have since made improvements to the device.

New Kensington, PA


BLack and Decker Undercabinet Coffee Maker functions exactly how


The Black and Decker Undercabinet Coffee Maker does exactally what it was made to do. It frees up counter space by mounting under the cabinet and all of the buttons are on the front of the machine. It has a clock. It has a timer. It has pause and pour, and for those really early mornings, that is a great feature, not having to wait until the pot is done to have your first cup of coffee. You can make it the night before and set the timer and it is waiting for you in the morning. I feel, as a can't get started without my first cup of coffee person, that this coffee maker has it all and it dosen't even take room on the counter. This is the second undercabinet coffee maker I have owned and the Black and Decker is by far the most superior for the money. It was a mid-range price point and it is perfect for my needs and the needs of my household. I would reccommend this coffee maker to anyone that has limited counter space and wants a good coffeemaker.

Mount Holly, NJ


Black & Decker SpaceMaker 12-Cup Coffee Maker

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