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Black & Decker SmartBrew 5-Cup Coffee Maker

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Good basic coffeemaker with automatic brewing


I don't drink coffee, however my better half does. She was wanting a coffeemaker that had the automatic brewing for her coffee to be ready in the morning. This one has that option and it works very well. Just fill with water and coffee grounds the night before and in the morning at the specified time it brews. Brew Performance Brews a good pot every morning without fail. Ease of Cleaning Cleaning is fairly easy. Most parts are plastic and dishwasher safe. Ease of Use Very easy to use. Fill with water, fill basket with grounds in the filter and set the brew time for the morning. Takes less than a minute to get ready to go. Design No a top of the line in terms of design however the sleek black is sharp. The water level indicator on the side is a little of a nuisance if you rely on that as mine is in between a toaster and our microwave so you have to pull it forward or turn it to see the level. Durability So far so good!

Saint Cloud, MN


Black & Decker 5-Cup SmartBrew Coffeemaker is great


When my last coffee pot died, we went shopping for a new one and came across the Black and Decker 5-cup Smart brew coffee maker.    I immediately loved the fact that it comes with it's own filter so I don't have to worry with buying them again.  Add to that the fact that it's more environmentally friendly and I was sold.  I also love the size of the pot.  I'm the only one in my house that drinks coffee, so the larger pots were just unnecessary as I'm usually a two-mug type of gal.  (One of this coffee maker's pots equals two of my large coffee mugs so it is the perfect size!) It has an auto shut-off after two hours which is great, because I'm also quite forgetful at times.  It brews fast and is smaller than most coffee pots, leaving me more counter space.  It is easy to clean, which is perfect for a mom on the go. I would recommend this coffee maker to anyone who is looking for a more environmentally-conscious smaller coffee maker.

Bentonville, AR


My black and decker coffee pot is just right for me!


I'm not a** BIG** coffee drinker, but on those early mornings Monday through Friday my boyfriend and I like to drink atleast one-two cups of coffee. This is great for that! Not only is it a smaller appliance that doesn't take up mass ammounts of space, it doesn't leak, unlike some larger, higher priced models in the past have! It doesn't have a timer, so you do have to set it before it will start brewing, but this is no problem for us because it seems to take only 5-10 minutes to bew four to five cups of coffee. I also never have the problem of getting coffee grinds in my coffee - which I've also had the problem in the past with different pots.I think they put a lot of thought into this smaller model and it's a great design.

Omaha, NE


Gotta Love this Black and Decker Coffee Maker!


Brews the perfect cup of coffee quick! I am the only one in my family who drinks coffee so this the perfect size for me, I fills my mug to the top two times, just right for a sleepy morning eye opener! And if I have company and need more coffee...it brews up a second batch fast.

Lenore, ID


I Love this small black and Decker coffee maker.


I am writing a review on the Black and Decker Smart Brew. This coffee maker makes five cups of coffee , plus it has a  filter that removes and cleans easy. No need to buy paper filters anymore, that saves on the garbage bill and is more envirmental friendly. Clean up is so easy all you do is remove the filter dump the coffee grounds and rinse the filter under the tap. My favorite feature about this coffee maker is the easy cleaning filter. The filter is durable, I have never needed to replace it. Its small enough to fit on the counter easly but makes enough coffee for all morning, well for me it does anyways. For this busy mom a good cup or more of coffee early in the morning thats this easy I would reccomend this to everyone. I would also reccomend this coffee maker for home, office, dorms, garages, Or any space you might have .  I wouldnt want any other coffee maker this one is perfect for me.

Rosburg, WA


Black & Decker SmartBrew 5-Cup Coffee Maker

4.8 5