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Black & Decker
Black & Decker SmartBrew 12-Cup Coffee Maker

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Good Buy for a Low Price


This Black & Decker 12-cup coffee maker is a very good buy for the price. I was looking for a coffee maker that just brewed ground coffee and got a real bargain with this coffee maker. It has a programmable clock-timer that allows me to have fresh brewed coffee when I awake in the morning. It also has an auto shutoff so if I leave the house and forget to turn it off, it does that for me. The interrupt feature also allows meto grab a cup while coffee is still brewing if I get up before the entire pot is perked. I especially like the hot plate that maintains the coffee''s temperature until the carafe is empty. Brew Performance I am always happy with the coffee now that I have decided just how much ground roast to use. Since it has the timer, I get my cup of coffee just how I like it, when I want it. Could not be happier with the brew performance. Ease of Cleaning I guess no coffee maker is something anyone wants to clean. The only way it would be perfect is if you could put it in the dishwasher. Being that you cannot do that, it is relatively easy to just rinse it out and wipe with a cloth to get the coffee off the area around the basket. Ease of Use Does not take any training since it is just add water and coffee and press start. Even if you want to set the timer, it is self-explanatory so it is an easy task. Design I chose the white since it matches the kitchen appliances and am happy with it. Durability Since this coffeemaker is used daily, it is holding up well and I do not expect to have any problems with it in the near future. Black & Decker is a reliable brand.



Good for the occasional coffee drinker!


**We're not big coffee drinkers, but we thought that it would be good to have a coffee maker when we have company, so we bought this one cheap. It's nice that it has an automatic timer so that it can start making the coffee for those that are not early risers. I think this feature was made just for us! ****We have not had any problems with this feature not working properly. ****It's not heavy so when we take it out of storage to use (since we usually only bring it out for the guests), it's not hard at all, unlike other coffee makers, which are bulky and heavy. This is a simple coffee maker with not a lot of bells and whistles. One of the complaints that I have found when making the coffee is that the coffee grinds end up in the coffee pot. Also the lid does not open completely to a 90 degree angle so it makes it challenging when pouring the water into the reservoir**. **Overall, it's perfect for the occasional coffee drinker, but for more serious coffee drinkers, I'd definitley upgrade!**

West Liberty, KY


Do not waste your money


I am normally a fan of Black and Decker but in this instance, you get what you pay for. The automatic shut off is a pain. It shuts off before I am half way through my first cup of coffee and that I am stuck reheating my coffee in the microwave. And the coating on the surface of the heating plate basically peeled right off will little effort so now the pot sits on rusted circles. Do not waste your money on this cheap coffee maker. Splurge for something that will last longer.

Blythe, CA


Black & Decker SmartBrew 12-Cup Coffee Maker

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