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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Quick N Easy 8-Cup Food Processor

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Great power


Easy to use, great power, easy to change out the blades, love the large 8 cup bowl. I would recommend this one for all your needs. I have not tried kneading dough because I don't bake bread or pies. I imagine it would work well since it performs great in all other aspects. Power I chop a lot of carrots. About two pounds a week. This machine has never failed me in 7 years. Safety Remember it is a slicing and chopping machine, it has sharp parts. As far as general use it is very safe as long as you respect the sharp blades....which is why you want a good processor. Ease of Assembly As with cleaning all parts slide together and apart easily. Love this. Ease of Cleaning Everything slides together and apart, a kid could do it, don't let them the blades are sharp. Durability Seven years and still kicking like new.

Norco, LA


Great Food Processor


I got this 7 years ago for my wedding and it has lasted all this time without any problems at all. Its a great kitchen item that is a must for every cook. Super easy to use, does the job quickly and efficiently. I use the Black and Decky Food processor to mix my dough for pies and pasties. Works like a charm.  I have also been using it on a monthly basis to make homemade dog treats. The attachments are helpful, chopper, grader, I forget the rest, but they do work awesome. If I had to come up with a CON, I guess I would say its hard to keep all the attachments rounded up. It would be great if they made one that all the attachments would fit neatly inside the main piece, that would be great.  My husband made the mistake of trying to grind ice, and the only thing he accomplished is dulling the blades. Hmmm....so, dont do that. Great price, not super expensive, because we got one for my mother in law a few years back for christmas. She loves it too. You wont be disappointed with this purchase.

Atlantic Mine, MI


Black & Decker Quick N Easy 8-Cup Food Processor

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