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Black & Decker
Black & Decker ProBlend 5-Speed Blender

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Gorgeous, affordable, mediocre performance


This blender certainly looks beautiful on a counter.  If you're looking for something functional that is going to look nice and don't mind too much if it can't *really* crush ice, then this would be a great buy.  It is also pretty reasonable cost-wise.  That being said, it is really a mediocre blender as far as performance is concerned.  There are several settings, but there isn't much to distinguish between them.  One doesn't really work better than the other and they all blend *fairly* well.  The blender tends to have some issues crushing ice.  It will blend the majority of it, but there is almost always one big hunk at the bottom, so if that's something you will be doing a lot of, this is probably not a good choice for you.  It is pretty easy to clean, though the bottom is sometimes hard to unscrew (the seal for liquids & such is not great, so, while it doesn't leak *out *of the blender, it will sometimes sort-of 'glue' the bottom to it, if it is something sticky). Overall, it has functioned perfectly fine for my family's purposes.  We do not use a blender often and, when we do, it is generally enough that it tends to blend most stuff pretty well.  We don't always mind picking out the ice chunks from the bottom.  This blender has also lasted (so far) for over 6 years with little change in performance.  But, if you use a blender a lot, do want something that can crush ice pretty well, I would recommend looking elsewhere.

Sandy, OR


The black & decker blender is my favorite!


When my husband and i were engaged, we realized that neither of us had a blender so we began the search for the best one in our price range.  We decided on the Black & Decker BL3900 5-Speed Blender and it has been a very good choice! It has a very powerful motor which seems very hardy even when used at high speeds.  There are several options depending on how much you want to crush the food or if you just want to mix it a little.  We love making smoothees in it and my husband makes his daily protein shake.  This blender seems to mix everything better than other blenders I've used instead of leaving ingredients unmixed at the bottom of the blender and it mixes very quickly as well.  We've made everything from soups to cheesecake in our blender and have never been disappointed in how anything has turned out.  It doesn't take up much space so storage isn't a problem for us.  I like the shiny look of the blender.

Idaho Falls, ID


Black & Decker ProBlend 5-Speed Blender

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