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Black & Decker
Black & Decker ProBlend 5-Speed Blender

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This Black & Decker Blender is the most reliable I've had


When I first received this blender, it took me a while to get the hang of putting it together. But, now, I use it regularly and love how it works. The motor is powerful enough for anything I have made so far. I really like the glass jar, as opposed to a plastic one I had in the past. The blades are super sharp and it grates very quickly and well, also. This blender is very easy to take apart and clean. This is one appliance that remains on my kitchen counter at all times. I have used it for grating cheese, crushing crackers into crumbs, and several different liquid concoctions I have created. I highly recommend this great appliance to anyone, because I have found it to be extremely dependable every time I have used it. I don't think I'd ever try another blender.

Harrison, OH


Don't Buy the Black and Decker Blender


I dislike this blender for a plethora of reasons, but we'll start with the positive. This blender is attractive. Okay - moving on to the negatives. I have had very little success with this blender making any kind of frozen drink. It simply does not blend ice. When blending soups or smoothie, it needs a lot of manipulation to run properly (me shaking it vigorously, me adding more and more liquid, me having to stir it every 3 seconds). Lately, it's been leaking out the bottom every time I use it and yes, it is put together properly with the rubber seal. A month ago I lifted my blender from the base after blending hot soup. The bottom caught in the base and popped off - my soup was all over the counter and floor. So, unless you are an incredibly patient individual, I wouldn't reccommend this appliance to anyone.

Cincinnati, OH


Black and Decker BL5000 is great!


I got this as a wedding gift, and it was not the one off my registry. i really like the sleek, stainless steel look of this blender. It would go with a lot of kitchens. It is really easy to use. The settings on it allow for blending pretty much any substance. I have used it for batters before I got my mixer, and it worked great. It also works great to whip things such as cream or cheesecake filling. It makes smoothies really well too! My only complaint is that it was really hard for me to clean under the blades. I used a scrub brush, and still cannot get it to come completely clean. I did not wash it right away, so maybe that is why it will not come clean, but either way, you should be aware of that.

Woodville, OH


ProBlend 5 Speed is better than most but not quite there...


This blender is fantastic. I've used to to make baby food at home for my son and it got it smooth enough for even his first bites. However, it wasn't able to step up to making a slush margarita. Too many chunks. All in all though it is a great product that I would recommend. 

Abilene, TX


The Pro Blender is the best blender I've ever used!


I received a Black and Decker Pro Blender as a gift recently. It is an attractive, quality blender with a durable glass pitcher. It has several features which I love, including the ice crusher and the smoothie setting. This blender gets the job done! I have tried many times to make smoothies in my other blender, but it struggled to mix anything with ice in it. This one just whizzes effortlessly through the job and my smoothie comes out looking delicious and professional! There are no chunks of ice and the texture is perfect.  Another desirable feature that I love is the sauce setting, which results in a velvety smooth sauce every time. To clean this blender, all you do is add some water and a few drops of detergent, push "fast clean", then just simply rinse and dry! The Black and Decker Pro Blender also has these settings:  pulse/off, stir, aerate, puree, crumb, chop, blend, grate, grind, beat, liquify, and whip. I would highly recommend this blender to anyone who loves to cook!

Watkinsville, GA


Like that Black and Decker Blender!


We purchased this Black and Decker blender as we were familiar with the brand from everything from the kitchen to the garage and never had a problem.  We even have a Black and Decker lawn mower!  It was inexpensive and has been reliable.  I don't have any major complaints about it nor can I rave about it.  It does exactly what it supposed to, blend!  It does a decent job with ice crushing as we've used it for a few parties and it keeps our with all of our friends drink demands!  It also makes great smoothies.  The silver-tone matches our stainless steel kitchen well.  It is easy to clean, just wipe down the base with a damp cloth.  Then disassemble the pitcher / blender portion and it can be handwashed or placed in the dishwasher.  We've always used top shelf in the dishwasher for all the little bits and never had a problem with them.  It then reassembles quickly.  I would recommend this blender for anyone looking for an inexpensive one. 

North East, MD


Black & Decker ProBlend 5-Speed Blender

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