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Black & Decker PowerPro Hand Mixer

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Good for a start.


I received my new Black & Decker hand mixer for Christmas and I totally love it. It powers through thick dough but it starts to smell hot. It begins to bog down but at higher speeds it flows though with ease. If you are on a budget or just need something simple, this is a good way to start.




Poor product. Would not recommend


The motor burned out after a while. I invested in a Bamix mixer instead. Very happy I did. Mixing Performance It mixes well until you over use it. Ease of Cleaning Just rinse with soap and water. Ease of Use I love the ease of hand mixers Design They need to put a stronger motor in these things. If they did, this would be a great product. Durability I burned the motor out of this after continued use. They need to put in a stronger motor.


Verona, WI


The Black and Decker PowerPro Mixer is very versatile.


For as long as I have been cooking I have always used hand mixers over stand mixers. I find that getting closer to the food with the mixer is the best way to ensure even incorporation of all the ingredients and have the best control over how they are mixed. I found the Black and Decker PowerPro Mixer to be extremely versatile and reliable in doing these things. It is able to handle small to medium sized batches of just about any kind of soup, batter, sauce, or other dish. With the Black and Decker PowerPro Mixer, I have been able to create well-incorporated cake batters, cookie doughs, mashed potatoes, meringues, sauces, and soups. It comes with different beater attachments that are very easy to switch out, and can be easily coordinated with the kind of food one is preparing. For instance the whisk beaters can make wonderful beaten egg whites, not to mention whipped cream which is so much better than what one gets from a tub or a can! Of course the mixer can only handle so much food at a time. I find that it works best with batches that are small to medium sized. When the batch of batter starts to get too large, it can engulf the beaters entirely and make mixing a slow and messy affair (if anything gets mixed at all, it becomes more like swirling). With heavier and larger batches of potatoes for instance, I found the mixer slowing down considerably even on the highest speed.


Orlando, FL


Black & Decker PowerPro, not the greatest


We bought the Black & Decker PowerPro 250-Watt hand mixer, expecting great things because of the brand. The mixer does work well to get the job done, and comes with two different types of beaters. It also has the sheild, which is nice so that your food doesn't go flying everywhere. The bad thing is, that you will need to make sure to keep the shield, as your food probably will go flying everywhere. If you are going to be cooking things that require a speed setting between fast, and really really fast, then this is the blender for you. We were disappointed with how fast the slowest setting on this blender is. We were unable to use it to mix anything very thick, as it would beat too fast and suck the dough right up the beaters and onto the mixer. I am definitely glad we decided to buy a new one.


Orem, UT


Great Mixer!


I bought this mixer as a replacement for my old one that was in need of a retirement. Since I'm a frequent baker, especially on holidays, I needed a mixer that was both fast and easy to use. That is exactly what I got from using the Black and Decker PowerPro 250-Watt Mixer (Model MX250). It provided a fast mixing speed and mixing cake and cookie mixes wasn't a long and strenuous task. The only downside to this mixer is that it can get annoying at times because if the baking mixes are a little bit thicker than usual, it take a while longer to mix and get through. This then takes more time and patience. I am okay with this for I am patient enough, but for those who aren't, this wouldn't be the mixer that you would want to buy. I would mix the batter little by little and if you are in a hurry, this would provide a problem. I would still recommend this mixer but remember to be a little patient with it.


Endicott, NY


Not as durable as I thought it would be


I was a little disappointed with this Black and Decker mixer. I was hoping since this wasn't a completely cheap mixer that it would be more durable. It does a good job usually but if anything is a little too thick it seems to have a hard time mixing and slows down and makes a grinding noise. Then sometimes it also allows the stuff I'm mixing to go up towards the mixer which freaks me out as I'm afraid it will wind up in the motor and ruin it. So I don't use this mixer for everything like I would like to. I did appreciate that it came with whisk attachements so that I can do other things with my mixer. I also did find it very easy to put in the beaters and to eject them which is nice as some brands are really complicated. Also it is not hard to clean, it is very easy to wipe up which I appreciate as I'm a busy mom. So although it is not as strong and durable as I would have wanted I will keep using this one till it gives up.


Roanoke, VA


I love my new Black & Decker 250 Watt Hand Mixer


I received my new Black & Decker hand mixer for Christmas and I totally love it! During the holidays I bake a tremendous about for others and have burned up many mixers with stiff batters and such but using the Black & Decker I was able to finish all my baking needs with no problems. I love using the different attachments for the mixer and it is very convienent to use. I would recommend this mixer to anyone whether they bake alot or not.


Plainville, IN


Black & Decker PowerPro Hand Mixer

3.3 7