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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Pivot Cordless Drill/Driver

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Black & Decker Cordless Pivot Drive 9078 is a good tool.


I have now owned two Black & Decker Cordless Pivot Screwdrivers.  I would recommend it to anyone, but especially to women. My husband purchased my new cordless pivot driver for me as a replacement for my old one when the old one's battery (after several years) would no longer hold a charge.  When I received the new corless pivot driver for my birthday I was thrilled. I built a deck, a playhouse for my daughter, a garden gate, a pet door, and a screen for my unsightly and badly placed air conditioning unit with my first cordless pivot driver.  I have also completed countless small home improvement and do it yourself projects using both the old and the new drivers. The driver is so powerful, I usually don't even need to drill a pilot hole.  So it saves me time and aggravation.  It also requires less upper body strength to operate than larger tools with less power.  When I found myself in the market for a new cordless driver I thought that maybe I would "upgrade", but I couldn't find anything else that I liked as well, much less a different tool that I liked better.  This tool is small enough for women (with smaller hands) to use easily.  It is also compact enough to fit in some tight places where larger and heavier drivers can't go. 

Stillwater, OK


cordless and easy to use!


  I purchased my Black & Decker drill over 9 years ago when a friend and I started doing a lot of wood crafts.  This is just one of many tools we use.  My friend had one and loved it and suggested I buy the same one.  Men don't think women know how to use "men" tools as they call any kind of work tool.  Not only did we drill tons of different size hole in our projects but after using a drill press we used the Black & Decker as a screw driver also. It came with two screw driver bits with two different tips on each bit. So not only do I use this for crafts I use it to do handy work around the house. I recently put a new roof on a shelter over my grill and instead of nailing my playwood, I used my drill and bought screws to use instead of nails and the job went a lot quicker than pounding every nail with a hammer.  In the winter I always put plastic all around my front porch so instead of tacking it on, I find long strips of  thin wood and buy small wood screws and put it on that way. When it's time to take the plastic off I just use reverse on my drill and takes no time to get it all down and I don't have the mess like I use to by nailing the plastic on and my boards breaking and leaving me to work all day trying to get all the roofing nails off my banisters.  This is not just a drill, I can even put on attachments for sanding also.  When I know I am going to be doing some type of project using my drill I just plug it into the charger and let it charge over night and it works all day on that one charge.  A great product, another of my favorite brands of tools.  I have lots of them aslo.  Yes I am a woman but I have my tool box just like you men do and I know how to use them all.  

Escondido, CA


Black & Decker Pivot Cordless Drill/Driver

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