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Black & Decker Lids Off Open-It-All Center

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Miracle Worker


It is a life saver. I have arthritis in my hands and it is hard to open different products. This worked perfectly. It would open a jar with no problem. Would recommend this to everyone. Performance Works very well. Very easy to use. Durability It is very durable and very strong suction so it opens jars very easy. Design It is very easy to use. You do not have to use strength. All you have to do is hold it down to open a jar.




An All-In-One Gadget that really does open it all


Having severe carpal tunnel in both wrists - opening even the easiest lids was beginning to become a problem.When the first version came out, I bought one for my mom and it did not open jars too.  I could not find this one at the time.  Then I found this one but my mom really did not want a different one.  So I bought it for myself.  I have a rather large kitchen and lots of counter space so I have a place that is very convient for it as it not small.... however I like that because it can raise to open even the largest bottles/cans.


Augusta, GA


a single lady's best friend


When my son gave me my 'Lift-Off' as a Christmas present, I pretended to be pleased but was secretly thinking "Oh, great, another fancy appliance, now where am I going to find a place to put this thing?"  Well, I found a place to put it, all right, and am I happy with it.  I works effortlessly, I use it much more often than I would ever have imagined (instead of struggling with one of those virtually useless handheld gizmos), and it's worth every square inch of counter space.  As an elderly widow, let me tell you: it's as handy as having a strong-armed man around the house but costs less and is a whole lot less trouble to maintain, it never complains, and it's always ready to work.


Van Buren, ME


Black & Decker Lids Off Open-It-All Center

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