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Black & Decker
Black & Decker JE2100 400 Watts Juicer

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Black & Decker 400 watt juicer


Great little juicer! A few of the reasons I love this juicer is that it gives me pulp free juice. Has a nice pulp collector in the back. It juices really fast. It does not make a big mess all over my counter. It comes with a cup so you can immediately drink your juice. The cord has a spot so it is not hard to wrap up. It is very easy to juice not only fruits but vegetables as well. I love that I can make my kids a healthy drink whenever I want. The only thing I do not like is that it's a bit hard to clean. Pulp Setting Effectiveness I get absolutely no pulp in my juice! I love that about this juicer. All the pulp gets collected in the back and is easy to dump. Stability While in Use Very stable while using. Stays still and little to no shaking. Ease of Cleaning It is a bit hard to get all the way in the chute to clean. I have to really get in there with a brush since my hands do not fit. Durability Has held up well since we bought it. Versatility/Number of Features It has a nice big pulp collector and three way shut off. Also it contains a really nice cord storage area. Design It is pretty small so storage is not an issue.



Decent Juicer!


This juicer blends fruits very well for its magnitude and strength it has. it is great for domestic use at home when trying to blend fruits or vegetables to make natural juices. It is fairly rapid when being used and simple to clean and take care of. Very low maintenance to keep up with actually. Ideally it is very easy to use and perfect for anyone in the household. The price it has is very reasonable to pay for. The quality of this machine is great very sturdy. Personally it is much quicker than a blender. Basically you pay for what you are getting. It makes such great juices and pass through without getting stuck. Great buy and value.



Messy, but works!


This juicer works great. My only complaint is the juice dispenser can get a little messy, and the juicer can be a little difficult to clean. The pulp does not always like to come out. While it is partly dishwasher-safe, it never gets as clean as it was when I first bought it.



Black & Decker JE2100 400 Watts Juicer

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