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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Iron with Auto Shut-off

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Good product - great price


It is a good product for a great price ! It does it job like it should be done ! And at the same time it doesn't break the bank ! I have had it for years and I'm happy with it . I dont use it too often though. It is perfect for who need something simple for a great price . I also trust the brand.




Good Iron!


I received this as gift for my wedding! and I love it! I don't do a huge amount of ironing, but I do a fair amount, and this iron works great! It is easy to use, and not overly expensive to buy! From my experience, I would recommend this iron!




Great iron!


I have had this iron for quite a few years now and I am still happy with it. Granted, I do my best to purchase wrinkle-free clothing so I am certainly not a daily user, but I have no complaints when I do need to iron clothes. Mostly I iron fabric for sewing projects and the great thing is that the iron heats up really fast so it doesn't take time out of my project to pull it out and use it. The mist is a nice feature for those stubborn wrinkles and the automatic shut off is obviously a nice feature.


Folsom, CA


Quite and sturdy


This is the best iron I've ever owned!! It's durable and light weight. It makes ironing quick, easy and less time consuming. It has multiple settings and features for all the different types of fabric.


Davenport, FL


great iron


I am not a really big ironer and I avoid it whenever possible but I still needed one so I purchased the Black and Decjer auto shut off model and I could not be happier with it. I use it to occassionally iron my husband's dress shirts and pants and it works really well. It is very reasonably priced and has all the features you could possibly ever want or need on an iron. It is very light which is great so your arm doens't get tired and it is also made very well. I have had mine for many years and even though I don't use it a lot, it has held up and is very durable. The cord is long enough to reach and doen'st get in the way and the steam feature works really well to get the wrinkles out. It doesn't burn the clothes and has a feature to turn off the steam if you don't want any. For a lightweight iron that is low cost and has too many features to name, I would recommend the Black and decker iron.


Roseville, CA


Big Fan of this Iron


We purchased this iron over 5 years ago when we were first married and have never had a problem with it. It does a great job at getting out the wrinkles and I don't even feel the need to use starch. I love how well it steams the item of clothing while not drenching it with water. It's very easy to use, gets hot quickly and cools down quickly and I love how the cord of the iron retracts into the iron itself. This iron is very to hold and isn't so heavy that you have a sore arm after a night of ironing (those are always fun)! The iron also doesn't get dirty on the ironing surface as a lot of irons do, it must have something that prevents gunk (yes, that's a technical word) from building up. It's like a non-stick surface, but for irons :)


Austin, TX


B&D Iron - On when you need it to be, off when you don't


The Black & Decker F975 iron with auto shut-off is a nifty iron that certainly does more than enough to get the job done and can be purchased at a reasonable price. I don't need to iron very often, but I know that my old iron had several issues that made it less than ideal or enjoyable to iron even a small set of clothes. This iron has settings for practically every type of clothing, gets creases out quickly, and heats up and cools down at an acceptably quick rate. On top of that, the cord is long enough, but doesn't tangle very easy, so it allows sufficient movement and stays out of the way when I need to iron. Though I haven't run any drop tests on this iron as there is no reason to, it looks like it could easily survive a drop of several feet and may even be able to do so without disturbing any of the water that I may have poured inside. I'm definitely not an iron expert, but I know enough to say that this one get the job done and then some.


Sunnyvale, CA


Good value product


I bought this iron for my daily household purposes. I bought it like three  years backs and it still works perfect. I really have no complains for this. Would definitely recommend this to my friend. It heats up fast but the controller works really fine and has a good control over temperature. I personally like that feature a lot. IT works great on heavier clothes like jeans and all. Steam is a good feature as it protects the clothes from burning. I never thought of changing my iron and if this goes off I will definitely replace it with thje same iron or same brand if this model is outdated. It has really long cord and it helps in ironing to all the edges when we use stand. In general it is a cheap iron with good quality and does not lket you down at the right moment. Its small so storage is not an issue. I have recommended this iron to my sister and mom as well. My mom-in-law already uses the same iron and she is also very happy with it.


Old Bridge, NJ


Loving this Black & Decker Iron


I had to replace my iron that died on me a couple of years ago so I requested a new one for a christmas gift from my mother in law, she got the Black and decker auto shut off iron. I am really happy with it. I never did like to iron, it is a chore that I can so do without, but this iron makes it a lot easier and a little more enjoyable.I absolutely love the look of it, it is very lightwieght, even when you fill it with water and the auto shut off function is great because if i get distracted by the phone, kids, phone or whatever I feel safe knowing that the smart technology shuts off the unit. The other thing that I like is the steam function!!!!! it gets all of the wrinkles out of the toughest clothes without the aid of spray starch which is a huge money saver and it is safer on the environment also..................It irons clothes easy and smooth and makes this annoying chore less of a chore for me. It is of great quality and I expect it to last for a while.


Latonia, KY


Not happy


After reading the reviews for this product, I was convinced this would be a great, but afforable iron. Boy was I wrong. Maybe I received a defective product. The main problem I have is that the iron does not seem to get hot enough to remove wrinkles from some fabrics.  I wear a lot of cotton and linen and this iron just does not cut it.  It seems to take forever to get warm.  A great feature about this product is the auto-shutoff. If you are like me, mornings are a rush and I often pull out of the driveway wondering if everything is turned off inside the house. I had a proctor iron before this that I should have stuck with it. I will not be buying this brand again and hope to receive a replacement iron after I contact the manufacturer. I hate to give such a negative review.  The other thing I do like about the iron is the fact that it is lightweight.  Save you money and go for a different model.


Tampa, FL


Black & Decker Iron with Auto Shut-off

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