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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Iron

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an ok iron


This is a simple iron that gets the job done and does what it sets out to do. There aren't any fancy buttons or designs. I don't think that this particular iron lives up to the stellar reputation of Black & Decker as it's performance is definitely not the best. While I do not have any issued with the way that it presses my clothes, I do have an issue with the fact that the iron squirts a lot of water. If you are not careful when ironing, it will have your clothes drenched. It's an affordable iron and you get what you pay for.

Jersey City, NJ


decent inexpensive iron


This is a bottom-of-the-line iron, but it gets the job done. It takes some time to heat up, but it gets hot enough. It can steam iron, which is obviously important for certain fabrics. The main selling point is that it is extremely cheap, and it works adequately. Ironing is more about the operator's skill than the tool anyway. Ease of Cleaning No easy way to clean out internals (e.g. water reservoir for steaming). Ease of Use Two dials (one for temperature, one for steam control) and one button (spray). Durability Four years and still going strong.

Sunnyvale, CA


Light Weight Iron


This inexpensive iron was purchase from a large discount merchandiser. It has a teflon soleplate and uses tap water. It heats quickly and has a spray nozzle. It's lightweight and as long as you don't use the highest heat setting, it glides. However, I am looking for another iron at my earliest opportunity because the water fill opening doesn't have a cover. If you fill it over half-full the water pours out while you are ironing. It's inexpensive, if you only buy one iron. And it's a nice little iron to keep around as an extra for when your "good iron" breaks down.

Shalimar, FL


not the best


We owned this for about 3 years but we hardly used it since we used to travel a lot and we owned a GE one too in the place where we used to stay for longer time of the week.So we hardly touched this iron box.It takes some time to heat up and the heat which we get is not enough to press the cloth even thoug we keep the iron box in the highest setting.It takes quite a considerable amouint of time and lot of energy to press jus one shirt which jus has few wrinkles.But we get what we pay for.So after sometime we thought of replacing this one and get a good one for a slightly higher price and now we are ok.So bottom line is,if you dont want to spend too much in an iron box and if you want to use it for occasional use,then you can go ahead for this.

Woodland Hills, CA


This Black and Decker Iron really gets the job done!


I've had this iron since I got married a year and a half ago, and have had no issues with it. Most of my ironing is done on pieces of fabric before I sew them, and it does a great job. I didn't grow up with a steam iron, and so I have only used it once, but when I did it worked great. I prefer just using it dry, since I use it only occasionally and don't want to have to drain the water every time I use it. I can't get over how quickly it heats up, and how evenly the heat is disbursed. I haven't ruined anything (yet), but I don't foresee that happening. I got some paint on the plate accidentally, but once it cooled it cleaned off easily. The dial is a little difficult to understand, just because I'm still not sure what settings I use for dry, but I'm sure if I read the instruction manual it would be fine. I wish that it cooled off a little quicker, but that is a minor detail. It feels like a pretty sturdy machine, and with how little I use it, I'm confident it will be the only iron I ever own.

Grand Rapids, MI


Black and decker iron


This Black and Decker Iron works like no other iron.  Gets my clothes nice and pressed.  I really like all the features.  I wish that it had an auto shut off though.  I definitely recommend this iron.  And not too bad for the price.  You can never go wrong with Black and Decker.

Charleston, WV


F210 Iron is worth what you pay


I don't iron much and neither does my boyfriend, so we picked this iron up just to have in case he needed a dress shirt for an occasion or I left my clothes to sit in the dryer for too long. It does what it says, irons. It's nice because it's pretty small so you can jam it in between buttons, but accordingly it doesn't pack a ton of punch so you may need to go over thicker fabrics more than you would with a different iron, like khaki pants for example. One complaint I have is that it seems to go through water pretty quickly, even when you have the steam feature turned off. It also can drip water sometimes and is pretty noisy when you are using the steam function. If you don't plan on doing a ton of ironing, but would like something that works fine for the occasional necessity, then this is probably the iron for you. However, if you need to iron every time you do laundry, then you may want to look into a more advanced model.

South Berwick, ME


Black & Decker Iron

3.3 7