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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Indoor Grill

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Sizzle Lean brings outdoor grilling indoors.


I have the Black & Decker IG150 Indoor Grill, also called Black & Decker Sizzle Lean Indoor Grill. It grills foods indoors on your countertop. It is a great applaince to have and you can grill foods indoors irregardless of the weather. After grilling, it is easy to keep clean; when cool, remove the temperature control, pour off any grease and/or dripping that have accummulated in the base, then both the base and the cooking grid can be placed in your diswasher. There is a removable splatter shield at the back of the grill to prevent grease from splattering on your counter. The Sizzle Lean Indoor Grill has a built-in flavor scenter well that enables you to infuse the foods you are cooking with various flavors. You can use liquid smoke, fruit juices (apple, lemon, or lime), any barbecue sauce, Mesquite flavored cooking sauces, marinades, or wine. The cooking grid is family sized and you can grill 6-8 burgers or chops depending on the size of each piece. Pork chops are wonderful cooked on the Sizzle Lean, as are chicken breasts, burgers, fish, hot dogs and sausage. It is great to sit down to a meal of grilled meat when it is snowing and cold outdoors. The Sizzle Lean brings summer into your kitchen and to your table. The only draw back to this indoor grill is that it is large and it does take up a lot of space in your pantry, but it is well worth it when your taste the food you grilled.


small town, OH


Black & Decker Indoor Grill

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