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Black & Decker In. Electric Rear Bag Mulching Mower

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Quiet light weight mower that does the job


My old mower vibrated so badly after loaning it to my neighbor that I finally went out and replaced it with the B&D MM1800.  I'm so glad I did.  After putting it together, by myself, it was a real pleasure to mow the grass.  No vibration and it cut the grass just fine.  Even has an optional take out mulcher if you want to use that.  I had read some reviews of people complaining that it didn't cut very well and that something on the handle broke.  Can't figure out what could break but I do have an answer to the cutting problem.  They didn't read the manual!  It states that you shouldn't cut more than a 1/3 of the grass blade.  If grass is longer set mower higher and then wait a couple of days and set mower lower and cut it down then to the height that you want.  People, just read the manual!  It's all there!  I'm very happy with the MM 1800 and would suggest it to anyone with a small to medium size lawn.  Anything bigger I would suggest a bigger lawn mower or a gardening service.  LOL.

Palm Springs, CA


Love the MM1000 lawn mower


I bought this cordless lawn mower in 2001 when my husband and I bought our first house.  Since he worked many hours I told him that I would take care of the lawn as long as I can get what I want.  I told him I wanted a Black and Decker.  I grew up with corded Black and Decker lawn mowers and eventually my mother at some point did get a cordless.  They are so easy to use I would never consider any other brand.  So I went to the Black and Decker outlet store and purchased the MM1000 lawn mower, cordless blower and cordless weedwacker.  I love them all.  The battery on the MM1000 still last a long time even after all these years.  It so easy to adjust the height.  One lever adjust all the wheels.  I also like that there is virtually no maintenance on it.  Just sharpen the blades every so often and that is it.  I do like that the handles fold down.  It easily fits in the trunk of the car.  Which was useful when my sons got to be teenagers and started using it to make money mowing lawns.  I would never consider buying any lawn mower but a Black and Decker because they are the best

Redford, MI


Black & Decker In. Electric Rear Bag Mulching Mower

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