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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Hand Blender

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an inexpensive best choice


After looking over the available brands for immersion blenders the Black and Decker was my choice due to the reliability of the brand name. To date, I have yet to be steered wrong by choosing any Black and Decker product. The Black and Decker brand is reasonably priced for the average home cook. This immersion blender does a great job for pureeing and mixing. The clean-up is easy - just run it in hot soapy water - couldn't be simpler. So far this immersion blender has done every task asked of it. It has been used for mixing powder into liquid, pureeing vegetables into a smooth soup and smoothing out lumpy gravy. I like the fact that you can blend food while it is still hot and serve immediately.

Sanborn, NY


Black & Decker Hand Blender

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