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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Fruit and Vegtable Juicer

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Do not waste your money.


A few years ago, after watching numerous documentaries on juicing I decided that I wanted to give it a try for the health and detoxing benefits. Because I am a college student my funds are very limited. I found this Black and Decker juicer online for a fairly low price so I decided to give it a try. Because it was a Black and Decker brand I just assumed it would be a decent quality appliance. I was definitely wrong on that assumption. The juicer is a pain to put together. It took me forever! One thing I did like about the product was the measuring pitcher that you use to catch the juice, so you know the exact amount you have. When juicing there is a lot of splattering that occurs, which makes a mess. My main problem was the amount of pulp, since I really dislike pulp! The product description mentioned the low amount of pulp but that was very misleading and inaccurate. If you do not mind pulp and can somehow manage to reduce the amount of splatter, this appliance may work okay for you. There truly are amazing health benefits to juicing. However, I think there are better juicers out there that are worth paying more for. Pulp Setting Effectiveness The juice is extremely pulpy, which I really dislike. I tried messing around with the device but I still continued to have large amounts of pulp in my juice. Stability While in Use The appliance is stable when using. Ease of Cleaning I hated cleaning this juicer. I had to take it completely apart, wash all the small parts, and try to put it back together again. It was far too time consuming. Versatility/Number of Features You can juice fruits and veggies, but have to chop them to a fairly small size.



Save your money for a better value.


I am new to juicing and wanted to try an inexpensive juicer but still wanted a brand name that I trusted.  So I purchased the Black & Decker JE 1500 juicer.  Being my first time to juice I didn't know what to expect from the juice or the juicer.  It was a little tricky to put together the first time I used it but got much easier with practive.  The juicing went very fast.  I had to put a folded dish cloth under the cup that catches the juice because it splattered juice everywhere if I didn't.  With the cloth under the cup, it is still messy but much neater catching the juice then without the cloth.  The juice is gritty tasting as there is still a lot of pulp in it.  If you strain the juice after you have done the juicing, it tastes much better, but if you strain the juice you have added a lot of time to an already labor intensive job.  A pound of carrots will get you about 6 ounces of juice but straining out the pulp brings it down to about 4.5 to 5 ounces. Clean up is very time consuming, the juice drips down in all parts of the machine.  Not only do the parts that come off have to be soaked and meticulously cleaned but the machine itself has juice on the inside, outside, bottom, dripping down the back, basically everywhere juice can get, it gets.  Add to that the time it takes you to strain the juice to make it drinkable and you have a good case for saving your money and investing in a better juicer.

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Black & Decker Fruit and Vegtable Juicer

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