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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Flavor Scenter HS800 4-Cup Rice Cooker

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Black and Decker Rice Cooker is great for a lot more than rice


We have had this Black and Decker Flavor Scenter Steamer Rice Cooker for at least 5 years, and it is still going strong. We use it at least 3-4 times per week. It is probably my most used small appliance. The steamer is great for rice, but it also cooks so much more than rice. The steamer comes with a cooking guide for everything from hotdogs to vegetables. I also use it to cook oatmeal in the morning. The steamer comes with a steamer basket which you can use for vegetables or other larger things like that. There is a bowl that goes in the steamer if you are cooking something smaller or with liquids, like rice. There is also a divider which you can put in if you want to cook two different items at the same time. There is also another level where you can add spices, so the food is gently steamed with the slight flavor of your chosen spices. Ihave not found this to give a lot of flavor to the food, but I will admitIhave not usedthis feature often. Maybe if I used it more, I would find a way to make it transfer more flavor. Overall, I really like the steamer.

Houston, TX


Black & Decker Rice Cooker Steams more than Rice!


The Black & Decker Flavor Scenter 4-Cup Rice Cooker is definately more than just a rice cooker.  I use it to steam vegetables all the time.  At first, I thought it was pointless, since I can already steam rice or vegetables on the stove top.  However, not only is using this product much easier, but also it comes out better!  The main downside is that I cannot figure out a way to cook rice and vegetables at the same time.  Though, there is a divider if you want to cook two different types of vegetables.  There might be a way, but I lost the instruction manual in a move and I cannot find an online version of the instruction manual.  Black & Decker's website just says "we will let you know when it comes available".  Luckily, there are vegetable cook times and fill levels on the back of the appliance.  The broccoli time seems to be set too low though.  Either that, or I like my broccoli steams more than most people.

Milwaukee, WI


Black & Decker Steamer is a life-saver at dinnertime


My husband came home with this Black & Decker Flavor Scenter Steamer over 3 years ago and I rolled my eyes when I saw it.  I remember saying to him that this was going to be another useless appliance that collects dust after the novelty wears off.  Boy, was I wrong!!!  I use the steamer 3-4 times per week when making dinner.  I actually have to laugh that it is called a rice cooker because I am certain I have never cooked rice in it!  I use it primarily to steam vegetables and cook potatoes.  It is fantastic and easy to use.  I like the idea of steaming vegetables because it preserves the nutrient.  I know you can technically "steam" using the stove, but it never seemed to work out well for me.  The vegetables were always left too tough or too soggy. The steamer has a steaming basket to keep things separated and allow you to steam multiple items at once.  It also has a small "scent" cup to add seasoning like salt to flavor the food as you steam.  The time is nice because it keeps track of your food and dings quite loudly to let you know when it is finished.  The steamer is easy to clean and I run the baskets and lid through the dishwasher with no problems. This is a must for anyone looking to save time and help eat a little healthier!

Commerce Township, MI


Black & Decker Flavor Scenter HS800 4-Cup Rice Cooker

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