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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Dustbuster 9.6-Volt Cordless Hand Vac


The Black & Decker CHV9610 Dustbuster 9.6-Volt Cordless Hand Vac has a large dirt bowl holds that 75% more dirt for less emptying. The translucent, bagless dirt bowl makes it easy to see dirt and easy to empty. Its compact and lightweight makes portability easy. The removable, washable dirt bowl and filters allow for a thorough, hygienic cleaning. It has 3 versatile ways to store: horizontally, vertically, or mount on a wall. A charging indicator light - always know you have a good connection. The Energy star approved charging system saves energy and helps protect batteries.

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Must keep charged


The Black & Decker DustBuster Chv9610 is the main vacuum I use at my girlfriend's house. My first impression of this vacuum is that it is very light weight and it doesn't keep up much noise. I was able to have a decent level conversation while using this vacuum. I have used this vacuum to clean just about every surface. This vacuum performs well at getting up cat hair. I was able to do several rooms on a single charge. I also don't have to empty the debris container too often. The debris container can hold a lot of trash and it doesn't affect suction power. The only downside to this product is that you must constantly charge it. I once charged this device overnight and didn't use it until a week later. When it came time to use the vacuum it only lasted 5 minutes. Apparently this device must be charged similar to a smart phone. It loses power rather it's on or off. I definitely would recommend the Black & Decker DustBuster CHV9610 to anyone looking for a cheap vacuum with a large debris container.

Westchester, IL


My favorite portable cleaner


This little machine really is a lifesaver not only around the house, but definitely in the car. I have two four year old twins that manage to drop, knock over, and spill almost anything constantly. When we take long drives and they eat in the car, it looks like their snacks exploded onto them and in between the seats. I finally gave in and bought the black and decker because from what I researched and knew black and decker made good products. I tested it out after movie night and four bowls of popcorn later. The dirt holder cup is very big which was a plus because of how much I usually have to clean. I was extremely surprised and happy with the suction of it making cleaning up faster than usual. It's also a money saver and charges into the wall so there's no batteries needed. Is great how versatile it is going from cleaning the car to cleaning up crumbs or other stuff in the house, it has a sleek design and I would definitely recommend this to someone to try.



Black & Decker Dustbuster 9.6-Volt Cordless Hand Vac

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