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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Dual Single-Cup Personal Coffee Maker

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Cute Convienent Coffee Maker


I received this Black and Decker Dual Single-Cup Personal Coffee Maker as house warming gift. This is hands down one of the best gifts I've received. I am a big coffee drinker. I usually pick a cup every morning on my way to work. The Black and Decker Dual Single-Cup Personal Coffee Maker saves me a ton of money. I this coffee machine use every morning, Monday through Friday, to make coffee before heading to work. It works fast and is an extremely easy coffee maker to use and it comes with the cutest stainless steel travel mugs so I can take my coffee to go if I want! There aren't a ton of options for brewing so if you are looking for a super complex machine that can whip up a number of drinks, this is not the machine for you. If you are looking for a consistent easy to use machine that makes a great cup of coffee, hot cider, etc. look no further. Highly recommend!



Great Product!


My husband likes black coffee. I like french vanilla cappuccino. Both of us need our caffeine fixes in the mornings. Now that we have a Black and Decker Dual Single Cup Personal Coffee Maker, I can make both of our preferences simultaneously! Now, I do not have to wait until his instant coffee gets done in the microwave before making myself some instant cappuccino. The Black and Decker Dual Single Cup Personal Coffee Maker really does come in very handy. Neither one of us are morning people, so it is nice to get out caffeine fixes quickly. Also, it is not a bit hard to clean this personal coffee maker. I mean, there is not much to clean in the first place. I love that I can get my favorite cappuccino going as soon as I get up in the mornings, and by the time I get out of the bathroom and done checking the fire in the coal stove, all I have to do is grab my cup and go. It makes mornings very easy. When I get the kids up for school, I put my cappuccino in the Black and Decker Dual Single Cup Personal Coffee Maker and then wake them up. By the time they get up, it's ready for me to drink my cappuccino.



Good for the price


The Black & Decker Dual Coffeemaker is amazing, I love being able to make to separate types coffees that are completely different flavors. It is easy to use, messy free, easy to clean, and fast. The coffee is always hot, and taste great, I have never had any coffee grinds in my coffee.



Two travel mugs + two different flavors at once= happy marriage!


I like wild flavors of coffee like blueberry cobbler and pumpkin spice, my husband sometimes will drink vanilla but prefers basic colombian.  It used to be, in the morning, we would disagree on the flavor of the day because I didn't have time to make two different pots of coffee.  Now, he has his side of the machine with his travel mug and I have mine.  We both have the coffee we want for the commute in matching travel mugs.  What makes this machine extra great is that you don't have to buy those special one-cup packets of coffee because they can get very expensive.  This uses regualar drip grind coffee and reusable filters.

Willingboro, NJ


Couldn't wake up without it! Great coffee maker!


Awesome coffee maker! I love it! I've had this for almost 2 years now and it still works like a charm! My husband absolutely HATES the smell of coffee, but the way this one brews straight into the mugs, he barely gets a whiff...which make less fights in the morning too! It brews it perfectly no matter what kind of coffee I use! Super easy to clean and nice looking also! You have the choice for one cup or two, which is great for when a girlfriend drops by in the morning! I use mine daily and love it! Makes my day better each time!

Union, MO


Could do without this coffee maker


I wanted a quick and easy coffee maker because I was constantly on the go and loved morning coffee to get me going. I asked for an individual maker for Christmas and was given this maker. Thought it would work great I could have a cup while I was getting ready and a second all ready to go for my one hour commute. Ahh was I disappointed!!! This maker was a mess. One side filled only part way the other made a mess all over my counter. I thought I did something wrong I reread the directions. I did nothing wrong. I wanted to return it and asked for the receipt only to find out that it was on clearance and now I know why. The concept was great but the execution of this maker was poor. If you are looking for an individual type of coffee maker I would recommend looking elsewhere.

Apollo, PA


The Black & Decker Dual Coffeemaker is the BEST PRODUCT I OWN!


I am SO in Love with my Black & Decker Dual Coffeemaker! I am a college student that really doesn't even have time to make my own bed in the morning! But I never leave the house without making a cup of the most perfect coffee! This coffee maker is fast, easy to use, easy to clean and GREAT when you don't have a large family that drinks coffee. You can even use it to make tea or instant cappuccino. I would suggest it to ANYONE and EVERYONE who likes warm drinks any time of the day without the work and messy clean up!

Urbana, IL




In theory this is a great idea for quick coffee on the go. However, it has very specific amounts of water and when you fill it a little too much it spills out the back of the unit all over. It is possible to make only one cup, but if you forget to turn the knob, which is on top at the back and hard to see, you will have weak coffee since it will fill both cups up with only half water at the same time. When you forget to switch this same knob back to 2 cups then it will fill one with all that water and it will go everywhere. On top of it all the travel cups leak at the lid even if you hold it down tight, so count on stained shirts. For the most part it is a lot of trouble for some travel cups of coffee.  

Milford, KS


Not the best coffee maker


We picked this up at Wal-Mart on clearance...now we know why it was on clearance! The left cup fills up fuller than the right one! The first time we made coffee with this machine the left cup ended up overflowing while the right one was not even close to being filled. Now I have to fill the water up to just under the words for the max line for 2 cups, this prevents the left cup from overflowing yet leaves the right cup at just over half full. Sure I could pour some of the left cup into the right...but only if my husband and I happen to have the same flavor of coffee that day. There are a few things that I do love about it...I love that I can have a different flavor of coffee from my husband, that you don't need to buy filters...just wash them out after each use, the cups are nice and they come with handy lids to make it easy to take with you and if I want a cup and my husband decides he doesn't...I can make a cup just for me!

Carrington, ND


Black & Decker Dual Single-Cup Personal Coffee Maker

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