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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Digital Evolution Iron

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Really awesome iron


This Black & Decker D5500 Digital Evolution Iron is great. I purchased it earlier this year and although it was a little bit pricey I'm glad that I decided to pay a little bit more for a great appliance. It has a number of different settings depending on the fabric and you just choose the fabric your clothing is made out of and it will automatically adjust to the correct heat. It also has both a steam and misting spray option which is very handy for ironing all sorts of different things. It also gives you audio alerts once it has heated up to the right temperature which makes things very convenient. The smooth bottom helps keep all wrinkles out and away and is great tool to get your shirts and skirts nicely pressed.

Salem, NH


Absolutely fabulous iron!


What can I say about this iron but way to go Black and Decker. This is a great light weight iron and and it also being digital is a plus. I love that the Black & Decker D5500 Digital Evolution Iron adjust to the type of fabric that your are ironing so it is at the proper heat so it is not too hot for that particular fabric. Love the stainless steel plate also. The price of the iron is quite reasonable for the quality and features of the iron. The auto turn off feature is also great if you forget and leave the iron on. It has a great fine mist and doesn't seem to drip like some of the other irons that I have purchased in the past. This is a great product for anyone looking for an exceptional iron.

Pinellas Park, FL


Fantastic Black and Decker Digital D 5000 Iron!


While I was a bit skeptical about buying a digital iron (one more thing that may break), I'm glad I did. This Black and Decker iron has been of good service to me for over a year now. Not only is it lightweight at only 3.5 pounds, but it has ever control I could ever need for all different types of fabrics. It has a multilingual display, stainless steel plate, turns off if not removed in 30 seconds from the down position, and eight minutes in the up position. It also has a really nice fine mist spray, and does not drip water like mant past irons I have owned. The digital readout is clear and easy to read. I has a super long cord which as all ironers know is a plus, and the cord swivels, which is a must. And here is the real selling point: My husband has dropped this iron on our ceramic tile floor twice that I am aware of, and I cringed both times. But, upon thorough inspection there were no crack, no nicks, no damage whatsoever. I highly recommend this iron!

Albuquerque, NM


Black & Decker Digital Evolution Iron

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