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Black & Decker Cyclone Speed Blender

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Good quality for a good price


Husband bought and super excited to use it! Turns out its indeed nice and high quality!

FL - Florida


affordable and great blender


I bought this blender as my first blender for our new apartment years ago. I did a lot of research and did a lot of thinking before making sure this would the affordable and good blender. I made sure I would have got it on sale and I also used my gift card to make it cheaper. I have used this blender to make smoothies for my little baby girl. I have used it to make milkshakes for my boyfriend and I. I have used it once to make brocolli cheese soup and it turned out perfectly.



Good one


We bought this product last month and it really works well. Very easy to handle. You can change speed according to requirement. Specially works well with smoothies and shakes. My husband loves chocolate shake and spent lot outside buying them at malls, but now it's become very easy to make at home. Apart from that very good at even blending other stuff like soup or sauces. Love this product. But only drawback is you need to make in larger quantities. If the quantity is less then it doesn't really grind well the lower portion of blender.



Great for Smoothies


We recently had to replace our old blender when it stopped working. We wanted a really powerful one because we love to make smoothies at our house. We purchased the Black and Decker Cyclone and could not be more pleased. I really love how it has various settings. You can select the power level from one to eighteen and it has four different settings to pulse, crush speed or timer. It does a pretty good job at crushing ice as well, and that can be hard to find in an affordable blender. I also use it to blend oatmeal into a flour for baking and it does a phenomenal job a that as well. All in all we are completely satisfied with purchasing this blender and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves smoothies like us!

Kansas City, MO


Great for the Price


This is the second time we have purchased this blender and we really like it. It is not all the expensive and works really well. My husband makes smoothies every morning and it holds up really well because I know my husband is not the most gentle person with kitchen gadgets. The thing I don't like is that the blender motor can get dirty as my husband is also not the most neatest person and its hard to clean since you really cant immerse the motor in the water as is the case with most blenders. Overall, the blenders works great, we use it everyday and it does the job. We typically have to replace it every two years or so. It cleans easily in the dishwasher. The blades hold up really well. If you want a blender and don't want to spend too much, then go with this one but it won't last you a very long time.

Antelope, CA


Black & Decker Cyclone 18 Speed--eh.....


I give it 2.5. It is great, I mean GREAT at blending. It grinds up oats like a champ. Why do I score it so low? The design is horrible! the cap is extremely hard to take off the blender. When I try to take off the cap, the measuring cup (which is part of the cap) is the only part that comes off. Also, when I try to remove the blender from the machine, the bottom part is made of thin, flimsy plastic that seem to sway back and forth.....and I do not feel like playing tug of war with the blender every morning. It just ruins my day...horrible for such a little thing, I know. I am thinking of taking it back...if I wasn't so lazy.

Potomac, MD


Black & Decker Cyclone Blender an excellent blender


Black and Decker Cyclone Blender is a good blender. I purchased this blender 3 months back for the purpose of preparing Rice smoothies, chutneys, salsa and shakes. It really does the intended job and i am very comfortable with this blender. It has 18 operating speed which is helpful for preparing rice smoothies. I prepare Rice smoothies once in a week and shakes almost everyday and i have not come accross any issues in the past 3 months. The automatic power off system is really amazing and it helps the system from getting overloaded and spoiled. So even i can start the blender and continue with my other activities.The load it can handle is very great .The blades are sharp and the shakes come out very great in few minutes. The appearance is simple and good. It is also very easy to operate and clean. The sound is comparitively low when compared to other blenders. Overall it is GREAT Blender.

Peoria, IL


Black & Decker Cyclone Speed Blender

3.9 7