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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Compact Refrigerator BCF27

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This Black and Decker mini fridge works great!


We bought this mini fridge to get us by after our 80s refrigerator died and we had to wait a week for our new one to be delivered.  It was much more convenient and cheaper than eating out every meal and my 2 year old couldn't live without his milk.  It appeared to have even temperature control.  There was no frozen edges on some stuff or warm spots anywhere.  We also had some items in the freezer.  The guide said not to leave things in the freezer for more than 3 days, but it kept our items hard frozen for 5+ days.  It may have gone even longer, but our new fridge was delivered then.  As far as mini fridges go, it wasn't very loud.  Leveling it out took a little work.  We ended up just setting it on top of a plastic storage bin.  We do not use this fridge frequently, so I cannot attest to its longevity.  It is fairly attractive and matches well with my other white appliances, so if I did ever add a wetbar, I wouldn't hesistate to build this fridge in.  It was difficult fitting a whole gallon of milk in the fridge due to the configuration of the shelves.  We had to take a shelf out and had to be very careful to ensure that the door closed all the way.  If you need it for milk, I would recommend a larger size.  Half gallons of milk and condiments and hot dogs would fit great. I don't think you could fit an average 2 liter in this fridge without a real battle though.


Cambridge, MN


Great size!


My husband and I purchased the Black & Decker BCF27 fridge for our basement. We like to keep a fridge full of cokes by our couch in our family room. This way we don't have to keep running upstairs to the kitchen to get something to drink. And more importantly, we don't have to pause whatever we're watching our playing when we get thirsty. The Black & Decker BCF27 fridge is just the right size for this. We can store cans anywhere in the freezer. And, we also like SoBe. These fit in the door standing up or on one of the shelves lying down. I usually store the tall bottles in the door and just have four of them in my Black & Decker fridge at one time. This fridge runs quiet, and fits all our drinks. It's also the perfect height to use the top of it as a coffee table next to our couch!


Knoxville, TN


Great college fridge


Hi this is a review written on January 20th 2011. It is about the **Black & Decker 2.7 cu. ft. Fridge #BCF27 this is an amazing little fridge. Parents this is the PERFECT one if you are looking for something for a dorm room. The **Black & Decker 2.7 cu. ft. Fridge #BCF27 is super super quite unlike some of my friends fridges in their dorm rooms this one is ultra quite it seems like. Which is really handy you do not need a super noisy fridge. The only downside to this is that it is only a fridge not a combo fridge and freezer. Which would come in handy sometimes in the college life. But oh well I will take the super small size and the quiteness over having both. Surprisingly you can fit a ton in this fridge I fit a twenty pack of gaterade and had room still for a half gallon of milk in the door. If you ask me that is pretty amazing. It is nice the **Black & Decker 2.7 cu. ft. Fridge #BCF27 also has different tempature settigns. ******


Naperville, IL


Black & Decker Compact Refrigerator BCF27

4.7 3